The weirdest Harry Potter fan theories

It was 1997 when the first Harry Potter book was published. Since then there have been hundreds of fan theories about the series. Some of them make quite a lot of sense and some of them are seriously odd. Even Rowling herself enjoys reading about the different theories and commenting on the possibility of them being accurate or totally debunking them as a ‘no way.’ Let’s take a closer look at some of the weirdest Harry Potter fan theories.

Did Hagrid Get Aragog From Newt Scamander?

With the Fantastic Beasts series coming out, there are some great theories going around about how the two stories fit together. Aragog plays quite a significant role in The Chamber of Secrets. Could it be possible that Hagrid was given Aragog by the master of fantastic beasts himself, Newt Scamander? Well, the timing fits, and if anyone would have had that spider in his pocket while traveling, it most certainly would have been Newt.

Neville Longbottom could have been the chosen one

Say what? Yep, when you look at the evidence, it’s not actually that far fetched, although, the end results and entire storyline of the whole series would have been very very different. The prophecy made about the chosen one was for a boy born at the end of July, whose parents were in The Order of the Phoenix and had escaped Voldemort three times. This prophecy points to both Harry and Neville. Voldemort basically went with his gut instincts for Harry. Probably a poor decision on his part because Neville would have been a much easier opponent to ward off in the younger years of the series.

The Dursley’s were terrible people because of Harry

The Dursley family really did treat Harry like garbage. But was it really because they are naturally such terrible people? Or was it because Harry himself is a Horcrux? The Half-Blood Prince reveals what a Horcrux is and then we find out that Harry is indeed one himself. Suddenly his peculiarities like talking to snakes and having anger issues throughout the series make sense. In the Deathly Hallows films, we see Ron and Hermione struggling to be in the vicinity of a Horcrux… well, the Dursley’s lived with one in their home for ten years.

Draco Malfoy howls at the moon

Towards the end of the series, there is an eerie change that comes over Draco. Is it the stress of the Dark Lord giving him tasks he isn’t strong enough to see through or is it something much darker? Fenrir Greyback, a known werewolf is close to the Malfoy family, but his loyalty to Voldemort is stronger. Did Greyback have a little nibble on Draco as punishment for failing to eliminate Dumbledore, and now he too is a werewolf? It would explain why he starts to look so afflicted and skittish as the series comes to a close.

Ginny Weasley’s love potion

From the second installment of the series, it’s quite clear that Ginny has a crush on Harry. But he seems absolutely oblivious to it and pretty much looks at Ginny like a younger sister. That is, until the Half-Blood Prince… suddenly, Harry seems crazy for Ginny out of nowhere. How did this sudden infatuation for Ginny come about? One fan theory is that Ginny slipped Harry a love potion.