How science can make you relax

We never give ourselves enough time to relax. For many of us, it’s hard to wind down after a long day at work, especially if we’ve got a lot on our plate. If we can’t find some downtime to destress, though, then we’re no use to anyone. Fortunately, there are several science-backed methods for relaxing that are all worth trying out, and they’re all easy to do.

How science can make you relax

Start exercising

It’s likely we all get some form of exercise on a daily basis, but how invigorating it is differs from person to person. However, if you want to relax, then doing a proper workout might be the way to go. When you exercise, the body releases hormones and lifts your spirits. That’s why many people pioneer working out as an excellent way for reducing depression. As well as increasing your mood, exercise also lowers the stress hormones in your body, making it easier for you to relax. You might be tired after going to the gym, but you’ll probably sleep well afterward.

Play with a dog

Many of us own pets at home, and it turns out they’re more than just lovable companions. Dogs, in particular, can have a significant impact on our ability to relax. These playful pets offer a distraction from the real world and can help us to have fun on an otherwise stressful day. Just making eye contact with these animals can prompt the release of oxytocin, a chemical known to induce positive feelings. If you’re feeling good, then chances are you’ll be able to relax much easier.

Try daydreaming

When we’re at work, daydreaming isn’t advisable, but in your spare time, it’s a great idea. It’s important to zone out every now and again. It allows us the opportunity to close our minds off from what’s going on around us. If you can forget for several minutes a day about anything that’s stressing you out, you’ll find it much easier to relax when you’re at home. It works great as a technique for meditation, which is regularly used as a way to lower stress and clear your mind.

Get artsy

Adult coloring books have become a huge trend recently, and not just because we’re all rediscovering our love for coloring. These books were created as a way to help people to relax and distract themselves from the world. Art is often considered as a useful output for promoting relaxation. It’s even been recognized by the Mayo Clinic as an excellent technique for this purpose. If you have some free time on your hands, why not try drawing something and see where it takes you?

How science can make you relax

Plug yourself in

If art isn’t your thing, then perhaps music is. It’s never been easier to listen to your favorite tunes, what with all these streaming platforms cropping up everywhere. We all have our own tastes when it comes to music, but it doesn’t matter what you choose to listen to. As long as its something you like, then it will have a positive effect on your body. This includes lowering your heart rate and anxiety levels.

Kiss your partner

If you’ve ever needed an excuse to make out with someone, this might be it. A research study discovered that kissing someone can actually help you reduce your stress levels and relax more, which makes a lot of sense. If you’re with someone you love, it’s easy for you to forget about the things that were stressing you out. The research found that cortisol levels dropped lower in couples who made out, compared to those who only held hands. Time to pile on the PDA.

Certain techniques will be more effective than others for different people. If you’re rushed for time, doing a workout won’t relax you as quickly as listening to your favorite songs. Find whichever of these you enjoy the most and give it a try – the results will be worth it.