Ways technology is taking over the world

Are you worried that robots are one day going to take over the world? It’s an idea that’s been covered in plenty of futuristic dystopian films, and one that many of us are quietly fearful of. Given how reliant we are on technology these days, it seems inevitable that one-day artificial intelligence will reach a point where it fights back. Let’s not think about that though. If you don’t believe that technology could ever develop enough to reach that point, think about what they’ve already achieved so far.

Taking over jobs

Do you know how many people are now unemployed because technology has stolen their jobs? It was reported in 2017 that around 800 million jobs could be taken over by automated robots by 2030. Given that the population of the planet continues to rise, as does unemployment rates, that figure is pretty terrifying. Jobs like working on an assembly line are now almost all completed by robots, as have things like working in a bank or as a phone operator. Sure, they might not be jobs people love doing, but when you’re in need of money, anything will do.

As technology continues to improve, many more jobs will come under threat. It may not be for a few years yet, but we could be looking at a future where one of the only things humans are capable of doing is fixing the robots when they break.

Ways technology is taking over the world

In everyone’s pocket

Technology doesn’t have to pose a risk to our livelihoods to take over the world. Just look at cell phones. Do you own one? If so, you’re one of over 5 billion people in the world who do. Imagine how different the world would be if we didn’t all have a cell phone. We wouldn’t know what to do with ourselves. So many of us rely on these devices to keep in touch with friends and family, make important calls, keep track of information… the list goes on.

Having cell phones is definitely not a bad thing, because they’re clearly beneficial. However, the world would go into a meltdown if every single one of them suddenly died. We don’t use cell phones; we rely on them.

Making us distant

Even though things like cell phones help us to keep in touch with friends and family, they’ve made us more distant from people than ever before. Everything has to be photographed and posted on social media to be considered a worthwhile experience, from the food we eat to the music we see live. When we’re in the company of others, we spend so much time looking at our phones or tablets rather than engaging in conversation, no matter who we’re with. What are we usually doing while sitting on our phones? Probably talking to someone else who’s not in the room with us. This wouldn’t be such a problem if cell phones weren’t so prevalent around the world.

Imagine just how many people spend their days looking at their phones to talk to people, rather than openly communicating with them in person. It’s like we’ve become slaves to technology.

Ways technology is taking over the world

Not all bad

Despite what this post might suggest, technology isn’t all bad. All sorts of technology, from the appliances you find in your kitchen to the gaming consoles in your bedroom, help make life that little bit easier for us. It’s improved treatments in hospitals, helped kids get a better education and made traveling around a great deal more efficient. Of course, it means if we ever have a power cut then we’re pretty screwed, but how often does that happen?

It’s best not to dwell too much on the rate at which technology is developing. While some people out there are choosing to play with fire by working on artificial intelligence, going down that rabbit hole will only make you worry. Just try not to rely too much on your cell phone all the time and you’ll be fine.