Trendy geek hairstyles for modern high schoolers

Whether you’re a massive gaming fan, you’re loving superheroes or you just really enjoy science, there’s a hairstyle for you. It doesn’t matter if you’re new to the whole ‘geek chic’ trend or you’ve been doing it for a while, it’s never too late to change things up for a bit and see what works for you.

The messy bun

This is a great all-rounder. Whether male or female, if you have long hair, then the messy bun will be your best friend during high school. The best part is it’s effortless to do, but everyone will think you’re trending it up and it will look completely effortless. The messy bun is perfect for getting those irritating tangles out of your face and behind your headset. You don’t want those luscious locks getting in the way while you’re concentrating.


The sharp pixie

Step it up a notch and free yourself of all that hair. A pixie cut is perfect for those daring enough to give it a go. You can do a lot with a pixie cut, and you can have a whole load of different styles of pixie cut too. Whether you want to go all out and shave two sides of your head off, leaving the middle bit to make a statement for you. You can also style the middle to be wild and pointy, or have a soft curl to them.

Space buns

If you’ve never heard of space buns, then you need to try this style immediately. They’re super cool, they’re practical, and they’re easy to do. As if you were doing pigtails, but then you scrunch them up into smaller buns and let them work their magic. You can do these neat or scruffy depending on what you’re feeling like at the time.

French braid

This can either be one or two, depending on how you’re feeling. However, a braid is cute, stylish, and sometimes downright awesome. You can make it look fierce or cute depending on what you’re wearing that day too. You can decide whether you want to make your braid head straight down your back or whether you want it to sit to the side of your face. Then, the real question is whether you want it to be neat or messy.

Add a hairband

The perfect way to add a bit of pizazz to your geeky look is to accessorize! Get yourself some daring hair band, headbands or hats. You can get them to be in all shapes and sizes so that they can match your outfit too. You can get alice-bands that will give you the perfect preppy look or go for the edgier bands that tie all around.


Get some bangs

There’s nothing cooler than adding in some bangs. You can go for a full fringe or something softer than sweeps to the side. They’ll frame your face and enhance your face shape, depending on what kind of band you go for. You can get them to be sharp and defined, or you can get them to be soft, or even choppy. The possibilities are endless with this one.

There are so many cool hairstyles out there that you can choose from, whether you want to make a statement or whether you want something that makes you feel good; there’s something for everyone.