Top gadgets that you can buy for $50 or less

Gadgets are a great way of getting your tech fix, especially with new technology being released every year. As science develops, and we get to the stage where we can do a lot more, technology mirrors trends and changes in society. For example, we have seen the technology for driverless cars come into widespread use in the past few years. There’s also the rise of virtual reality (VR) headsets that have hit shops and become ever more popular in recent times.

With the advent of the new iPhone 8 and much talked about iPhone X, technology is looking likely to play more of a role than ever in our lives. There are so many wonderful gadgets and gizmos out there, and they can be used for all manner of different things. Sometimes we can use technology to help us out in our daily lives, other times it’s simply used as a form of entertainment. Either way, we’re going to take a look at some of the top gadgets out there for less than fifty bucks. Much less than the coveted iPhone X…

*Prices may vary – this article was last updated on Apr 20, 2018

Universal foldable solar charger – $40

There are new gadgets coming out every year that revolutionize our lives, and make things much more convenient. And, this is one of our favorites – the ECEEN 13w 2-port USB solar charger! Say goodbye to those annoying cables that inevitably break and need repairing. Now you can charge your phone poolside on your vacation while sipping a daiquiri! This amazing contraption will set you back around $40 and is worth every cent. The best thing about it is that it weighs almost nothing, and is only around an inch thick when folded up.

Top gadgets that you can buy for $50 or less

Raspberry Pi 3 model – $38

The Raspberry Pi has been around a few years now and is the ideal way of getting people interested in coding, but this model is much faster. Simply put, a Raspberry Pi is like a PC, except it’s the size of a credit card. Don’t panic, however, you don’t have to be a computer expert to make the most of this wicked device. It’s fantastic for starting new projects or learning about the inner workings of computers. And, at a price of just $38, it is definitely one of the more affordable bits of tech on the market.

Top gadgets that you can buy for $50 or less

Amazon Echo Dot – $50

We all know about the Amazon Echo, and how handy and efficient it is. Well, say hello to the Echo’s younger sibling, the Amazon Echo Dot. This thing is much smaller, around the size of a hockey puck, making it perfect for traveling with. Unlike its predecessor, this newer model doesn’t require its Big Sister to work either. It gives you the perfect voice-activated smart home integration, but the price is much more budget-friendly than the regular Echo.

Top gadgets that you can buy for $50 or less

Amazon Fire TV stick – $40

Amazon Fire has gone toe to toe with Apple TV, and, in many instances, it is winning the living room battle. This streaming dongle is one of the best budget streamers on the market and comes complete with a cool remote that is also voice operated. You’ll be able to converse with Alexa, as well as effortlessly navigating the streaming content Amazon has to offer. All of this for just $39.99; that’s a price you just can’t go wrong with.

Top gadgets that you can buy for $50 or less

Smart light bulb – $20

Not all the great gadgets out there are for entertainment or convenience, some of them, like the amazing TP-Link LB100 smart light bulb, are all about saving the pennies. The cost of living is climbing, and anything you can do to cut costs in and around the home is a good thing. This light bulb is highly energy-efficient, and the connected bulbs throughout the home make your place much more eco-friendly. At just $20, this is a bulb that is going to change the face of energy in the home, and it’s time you got involved.

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Top gadgets that you can buy for $50 or less

These are just a few of the excellent gadgets on the market that you can pick up for under $50. You might think that it’s necessary to spend a lot of money to get some really great gadgets, but it’s definitely not. You can see from our list that there are plenty of diverse gadgets that would be perfect for you, and they are all affordable as well.