When it’s time to upgrade your phone

Our phones have become such a major part of our lives. We place great importance on these rectangular gadgets and often spend a lot of money on a plan to help us pay for the latest models. While some people are happy to hold on to their phone for longer than a couple of years, there are others who update their model as soon as a new variation is released. With that in mind we are asking when is the right time to upgrade your phone.

When it can’t handle the updates

If you have been hanging on to your phone for several years, this might be familiar to you. There comes a time when you need to install the latest update of the operating system, but your phone just can’t take the strain any longer. Once your phone’s software has become outdated, there is a risk that it will start to become unstable and even, if you are very behind the times, insecure. There is a risk your data will not be protected if your phone cannot keep up with the security software of modern phones.

When it’s time to upgrade your phone

Your battery won’t last

Many of us like to joke that the battery life on our phones is a liability. Often they won’t be able to get you through the day if you want to use it for more than checking the time every so often. Taking a bunch of pictures on Instagram, checking our social media feeds, and even using mobile internet data can drain the battery quicker than a flash. This is especially more noticeable once the device gets a bit old. The problem with modern smartphones is that the battery is not removable, so if you need to replace the battery you basically need to replace and upgrade the phone.

At the end of your plan?

Often people will stick to their plan and wait until then to get themselves a new phone, but is that the best time to wait? They normally last two years, and by that time your phone can show signs of slowing down. That’s two years of daily usage with potentially thousands of pictures and many apps all working to slow the processing speed of your device down. Many companies will now offer you a free upgrade at some point during the final six months of your plan. If your phone is beginning to slow down, then it is worth considering whether this is the right time to upgrade.

When it’s time to upgrade your phone

A plateau

Lots of the phones on the market now are very similar, and you could argue they offer very little regarding originality now. All have essentially the same features so if your phone is capable of keeping up with the new software then you could consider not upgrading at all. If the only reason to upgrade is to have the latest model, even though it offers nothing different to the phone you already have, then you should ask yourself if it’s really necessary. Keeping up with the latest releases can cost you a small fortune, and by holding on to your phone for an extra 12 months, you can save yourself plenty of money. Especially if you are at the end of your plan as you can find a cheaper monthly rate with sim-only plans.

Only you will know for sure how your phone is coping with what you put it through. If you have been thinking about upgrading your phone, then take some of these things into consideration as it might be worth hanging on to your device for a little while longer.