Why three of Game of Thrones’ biggest stars submitted themselves for Emmy nominations, and why it matters

Game of Thrones was basically the biggest TV show in the world for the eight seasons it ran. The ending might not have been to everyone’s taste, but the show is still expected to clean up at the Emmy Awards. The big budget and conclusion to the story made the series one of the most-watched of all time.

Not every member of the cast was put forward by the showrunners for an award, so three of them decided to put themselves forward instead. It might seem like a strange move, but here’s why it matters.

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Promoting themselves

Some of the cast of Game of Thrones thought they did enough through their performances to be nominated for Emmy awards. Unfortunately for them, the people who run the show didn’t think so as HBO only put limited numbers forward.

Gwendoline Christie, who portrays Brienne of Tarth, was one of those actors and she decided she wanted to be a part of the award ceremony for her own accomplishments. She wasn’t the only Game of Thrones cast member to put themselves forward, as Alfie Allen and Carica van Outen also put their names in the mix. Allen portrayed Theon Greyjoy, and van Outen was Melisandre.

Paying the fee

It only cost Christie $225 to nominate herself for an Emmy, so she figured she might as well go for it. HBO was careful not to put too many Game of Thrones actors forward for awards because it can look like they are overcrowding the categories. But actors like Christie, Allen, and van Outen felt they deserved to be there too.

Once they submitted their applications to be nominated, it was up to a panel of judges at the Emmys to agree to it. All three actors are now officially nominated for an Emmy, and it’s all thanks to them promoting themselves.

The importance

The reason why this move by these Game of Thrones actors is so important is because it proves you should always have your own back. All three of these stars would not have been considered for these awards had they not felt as though they were deserving enough. Gwendoline Christie had never been nominated for an Emmy before, but now that she put herself forward, it puts her in esteemed company.

Photo: Unsplash.com

We can learn from them

The lesson from the Game of Thrones cast can be transferred to our own lives. Too often we aren’t prepared to stand up and say to our bosses that we’re doing a good job and we should be rewarded for it.

It is important to advocate for yourself to give you better opportunities in life. Sitting around and waiting for an opportunity might mean you miss your chance, so we should all be a bit more like Christie, Allen, and van Outen. They grabbed the bull by the horns and are set to reap the rewards from doing so.

Making the cut

These three Game of Thrones actors might not have made the cut according to HBO, but as far as the Emmy awards are concerned, they deserve to be there. Many actors who resort to putting themselves forward are often rejected by the panel, so the fact that these three made it shows how well they performed.

Christie is nominated for Best Supporting Actress, while Allen is going for the Best Supporting Actor award. Carice van Outen didn’t appear much in the final season but is nominated for Best Supporting Guest Actress.

Maybe these actors will win Emmy Awards, or perhaps they won’t. The important thing, however, is that they were bold enough to promote themselves, and they have been rewarded for doing so.