The scariest audiobooks you can hear today

Are you ready to be scared? Settling in, getting warm and cozy, and listening to a great audiobook is a great experience these days. It’s kind of like the adult equivalent of being read a bedtime story by someone, and this never gets old! Also, there are some books, and some occasion, in which audiobooks are not only welcomed but absolutely essential. We’re going to take a look at some of the best scary audiobooks on the market. Many of these are horror classics, perfect for sending a chill down your spine!

IT – Stephen King

“They ALL float!” Master of horror Stephen King has been scaring readers for over thirty years, and IT is one of his best-known tales of terror. Coinciding with the recent release of the new reboot movie, this audiobook is the must-have audio horror of the winter. With gorgeous visual descriptions and wonderful narration by Steven Weber, this 44-hour audiobook will take you on a rollercoaster of terror, and ensure you never look at clowns the same way ever again!

The Haunting of Hill House – Shirley Jackson

This classic horror is spine-chilling whether you’re experiencing it for the first time, or the 101st time. A classic 20th Century ghost story that gives you goosebumps and makes you shiver every time you hear it. Bernadette Dunne narrates Shirley Jackson’s supernatural horror in such a great way, you feel there is going to be a scare at every minute. Influential author Jackson has had a profound impact on many of the best writers currently working, and she weaves a tightly-spun tale of terror in this perfect Halloween accompaniment.

Doctor Sleep – Stephen King

It’s The King once again, and that should come as no surprise. One of Stephen King’s most memorable novels is The Shining, a terrifying story exploring isolation, madness, and family, and we always wanted him to do a follow-up. Well, now you can enjoy the next chapter in Danny Torrance’s disturbing life, as he returns to the site of the Overlook Hotel to confront his demons, and something new. Narrated by Will Patton, this is a story that will really help make that long Thanksgiving drive a spooky one.

Creepy Stories – Roger P. Mills

What we love best about this audiobook is that it gives us a selection of really excellent short, scary stories. This mixes things up a bit and keeps them fresh and original, and, what’s more, they are all based on true stories as well! Covering famous spooky incidents from across the world, this anthology-type audiobook is ideal for the commute to work, or for shorter car journeys.

The perfect ingredient for a terrifying Halloween has got to be these amazing audiobooks. There are plenty of spooky offerings here for hardcore horror fans, as well as those who just like atmospheric and chilling stories. The audiobook format definitely allows these tales to be experienced in a new way, and this is something that you can really take advantage of with these ace titles.