Strange phenomena scientists still can’t explain

Science is pretty advanced these days, there’s not much left in our world that hasn’t been explained by it. The quest for knowledge continues everyday, and more and more explanations for how things work are being found, but there are still a few things that science is yet to fully comprehend. Sometimes things just seem to be beyond explanation, and we have tracked down some of the wildest unexplained mysteries we’re still waiting for science to enlighten us on.

Human shadow on Mars

The Mars Rover, a roaming piece of machinery that was sent by humans to Mars several years ago to feedback any information it could find on the next nearest planet that we have yet to explore. It regularly sends back images and analysis of different soils to NASA in the hopes that we might yet colonize the red planet. One of the images caught by the Mars Rover appears to show some kind of human, or human-like creature, messing with the little vehicle. There is yet to be an explanation of what this image shows, but has the Rover actually found life on Mars?

A real gargoyle in England

Gargoyles are statues that are typically found on the tops of medieval or gothic buildings as protection, but there was a curious case in Beckenham, England, that seemed to show one come to life. Some dark footage taken in a child’s play park shows what appears to be a creature made of stone sat atop a climbing frame. As the camera continues rolling the mysterious figure with glowing eyes seems to swivel and disappear. Was this just some kind of dog, or did the person behind the camera really capture a statue come to life? No one knows for sure.

The Belmez Faces

For many years there have been stories of faces appearing in things; mostly they seem to be Jesus appearing in people’s doors, toast, clouds, pancakes, and even a chicken. One family kept seeing the image of faces appear on their floor in Spain, but it wasn’t Jesus that appeared to them, just nameless faces. The real mystery came after the family took measures to remove the faces from the wooden floor in their home in Belmez during the ‘70s. They took to it with a pickaxe and replaced the floor many times, but every time the faces would return, almost haunting the family. They later discovered their house was built on to of a graveyard, but as of yet, there has been no scientific explanation for the strange occurrence.

Genius overnight

One man seems to have turned into a genius overnight. It happened back in 2002, when a party guy was supposedly attacked near a karaoke bar near his home. The man, Jason Padgett explained that he no longer saw the world in the same way and described that it was now a series of geometric shapes. He woke from his concussion following the attack with the ability to visualize complicated math and physics concepts and later went to college to study maths. He claimed to have never been a good student but following the attack apparently turned into a genius overnight. He has drawn pictures to better explain to people exactly what he now sees through his eyes.

These are just some of the strange phenomena that are yet to be explained by science, but there’s every chance that at some stage in the future science will be able to provide the answer to these unusual questions.