Simple science experiments you can try at home

One of the best things about learning science as a young child is the experiments your teachers get you to do. They want to inspire you to enjoy a world of chemicals and elements, so they really pull out all the stops. The problem for parents is that they don’t have a laboratory at home, so how do they encourage their children away from school to like science? Here are some simple experiments you can do at home.

Tornado in a bottle

One of the easiest experiments you can do is the tornado in a bottle trick. All you need is two 2 liter bottles, a tube to connect them, and some water. Fill one bottle with the water and leave the other one empty, connect them using the tube and then put the filled container on the top.

Swirl it around as the water begins pouring into the empty vessel below and you’ve got yourself a tornado you can make at home. To make it more impressive visually, you can add some paint, dye, or glitter to the water and watch the tornado come to life.

Tornado in a bottle

Homemade slime

Kids these days love slime, in fact, kids of most days have loved slime. It’s just so fun to play with and it kind of makes you feel like you’re playing with mud, but it doesn’t leave a mess. To create your own version from the comfort of your own home, you’ll need several items, most of which can be found around the house.

You need glue, food coloring, water, and a little bit of Borax to make your slimy dreams a reality. The glue and Borax mix to form a liquid polymer that really looks and feels just like slime.

Instant ice

We all know that water freezes to form ice when you leave it somewhere cold for a certain amount of time. To really impress your kids you can make ice form in front of their very eyes using nothing more than purified water and an ice cube. Normal water freezes because of impurities found in it, but purified water doesn’t have those imperfections, so it freezes at a much lower temperature.

If you put a bottle of purified water in the freezer for just under three hours then pour it on a chunk of ice, something magical happens. The purified water will freeze on impact with the ice, and you’ve got yourself some instantly forming ice to impress your children with!

Instant ice

Home volcano

This one is a little messy, but it has a great visual effect. All you’ll need is a bottle with some vinegar in and baking soda. The two components react with each other, giving off a load of carbon dioxide gas which builds pressure inside the bottle.

Eventually, that pressure gets too much, and the contents of the bottle erupt through the opening. To make this experiment extra fun, you can build your own model volcano to make it more authentic.

These are all little experiments you can do at home to impress your kids or even your friends. They aren’t dangerous but are exciting enough to encourage your kids to ask questions about science.