Simple computer hacks that actually work

We like to think we are on top of all things technological, but sometimes someone would have been better handing us potato than a smartphone – how do you use these things anyway?! It’s all about being able to pretend really well. Thankfully, there are some simple computer hacks that actually work and will make you look like a tech guru in no time.

Repeat a YouTube video

Perhaps you have found a song you want to listen to on repeat? Or there is a hilarious cat that you can’t stop watching? Whatever your reason, you can now save yourself plenty of time by having the video replay automatically. “How?” we hear you ask? Simple. All you do is replace the word “youtube” in the link to “listenonrepeat,” and your video will keep going and going.

Simple computer hacks that actually work

Speed up your desktop

Sometimes our computers can start to get a bit sluggish. Have no fear; it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to run to the store and buy a new one. Occasionally, a quick desktop clean up can get things running spick and span. All you need to do is delete the folders on your desktop, and you could soon find yourself sailing through work. Plus, the organization will do wonders for your mind – trust us.

Keyboard shortcuts

There are a ton of keyboard shortcuts out there that will make your like simple and the work faster. For example, the Ctrl+C Ctrl+V shortcuts will copy and paste your text, but what about the others? Well, Ctrl+A will highlight your entire piece of text while Ctrl+X will cut a piece of writing or image. Is there anything the keyboard can’t do? These are just a few very basic shortcuts, but there are so many you may never have to use a mouse again.

Get back that tab

We’ve all been there – accidentally clicking the little cross on the tab when you needed it. Surely there must be a way to get it back without having to trawl the internet once more? Thankful, we have a computer trick that works. All you have to do is press Ctrl+Shift+T to get back that missing tab. You can all thank us later.

That middle click wheel

That scrolling wheel has more uses than helping the page go up and down. Have you ever accidentally clicked it and wondered the pint? Well, we’ll tell you. If you click on a link with the middle wheel, you will instantly open the tab in a new browser window. Perfect. You can also shut any tabs you no longer need by hovering over them and pressing the middle wheel. We’re sorry we have underestimated you for so long.

Simple computer hacks that actually work

Copy a folder

You may find yourself needing to copy a folder, but who has the time to go through all those drop down menus? This is now an annoyance of the past. Instead, all you have to do is hold “alt” while clicking and dragging the file. Just let go anywhere and voila – you have yourself one complete copy! Time-saving and swanky.

Quick lock

Maybe you need to leave the office in a hurry, or someone has come into your room? Now, you don’t have to worry about anyone with prying eyes getting a glimpse of what’s on the screen. All you need to do is hold the “Windows” key while hitting “L” and your screen will be kept out of the reach of others. Your secret is safe with us.

Who said you need to be a member of the FBI to know all these tech-savvy computer hacks? Now you can show off your skills to your friends as you look like the guru of the gadgets that you really are. Computers don’t have to be hard, and you make them look easy.