Programming jobs you didn’t know existed

Computer programmers are often thought of as shy recluses who prefer to work alone and don’t get out much. This is an unfair assessment, and there are many programmers out there who do fun jobs you might not even have known exist. Sure, many will program software for businesses and video games, but there is a whole world of programming out there not many people know about.

LEGO model designer

If you have ever sat with a pile of LEGO bricks in front of you trying to come up with a design then perhaps you will spare a thought to the programmers tasked with designing LEGO models. Designers at LEGO have to take a concept and then turn that into a model that we can build with a list of instructions to make things simple.

These programmers will put together the model in 3D using design software before testing it for real. Model designers working for LEGO require problem-solving skills and a mind for math, most model designers will also have a degree in 3D arts.

Programming jobs you didn’t know existed


Artificial intelligence is growing smarter and smarter each day. Some people are tasked with ensuring the artificial intelligence systems many of us are already becoming dependent on act morally and ethically. Philosophy professor Damon Horowitz works as the in-house philosopher at Google, and he has publicly raised concerns about the ethics of data sharing in the past. Perhaps an opening for a programming philosopher will open up at the head office of Facebook sometime soon.

Ethical hacker

Imagine being so good at programming and coding that you are able to hack into the world’s top governmental and corporate databases. The power of knowledge might be too much for some, and soon they could start to leak out as much information as possible to the rest of the world before anyone could stop them. While this is unquestionably illegal, some large corporations and governments employ hackers to try and break through their digital security systems.

Known as ethical hacking, these programmers are tasked with finding any weaknesses and vulnerabilities in the networks of the biggest organizations in the world. Once they have found any weaknesses, they’ll have to find a way to shore things up and make sure no one else will be able to get through.

Programming jobs you didn’t know existed

Race engineer

Motorsport enthusiasts will be aware of race engineers, they sit in the pits during race day and watch a monitor filled with information about their driver’s car. In one of the coolest sports in the world, you will find a large number of programmers who have helped get that car performing at the highest level it can. Race engineers get to work in close quarters with racing drivers and their crew.

They will be responsible for overseeing tiny and precise changes to the car and then will analyze the results. Race engineers will often begin their careers as computer-aided engineers, from there they will work with the dynamics of the vehicle and aim to climb the career ladder to reach the role of race engineer.

Some of the coolest jobs in the world are performed by programmers, while other jobs are critical to the security of a nation or multinational corporation. Many of the jobs that are done in the background are undertaken by programmers, and many of us have not even considered that their jobs even exist.