The most popular Doctor Who assistants

Doctor who is one of the most popular and longest running Science Fiction television series out there. The show follows the Doctor, a creature called a Time Lord, who goes on adventures through time to help people in need and save humanity.

While the series may be centered around the Time Lord himself, his companions are equally important to the series. They help him face the soul-crushing ennui that comes with being an outcast or as in the revival series – the last surviving member of the Time Lords. They also add a human element to the show and deepen the drama and the plot. Doctor Who likely wouldn’t have gotten as far or as popular as he did without the help of these companions. They are varied characters and each has his or her own strengths and weaknesses.

The companions often have skills and talents that the Doctor himself lacks. Also, the audience is provided an explanation by way of the Doctor’s explanation to the companions. Not all companions were created equal though, some who traveled aboard Doctor Who’s time machine, called The TARDIS proved to be better sidekicks than others. Here’s a list of the popular Doctor Who assistants that stood out.

Rose Tyler

Rose Tyler was introduced as a 19-year old shop girl who meets the Ninth Doctor as he blows up the department store where she works. Rose was the first companion on the show after its revival in 2005. Played by then-pop-star Billie Piper, she offered a human perspective on the Doctor’s adventures. Her transformation from shop girl to Defender of the Earth found favor with many fans.


A huntress of the Sevateem, Leela was cast out of her tribe for blasphemy. The Fourth Doctor took her under his wing, educating her in the ways of space-faring civilizations. Intelligent despite her savage upbringing, Leela thought best to confront trouble with a sharp knife’s edge where the Doctor tried to talk his way out. Leela was a more capable fighter than the Doctor and not at all averse to physical confrontations.


This robot dog was a loyal companion and a state-of-the-art analytical machine. K9 was created by Professor Marius who had to leave behind his pooch after being assigned to a lab in deep space. The Fourth Doctor later adopted him and built several versions of him for his most dear companions as he parted ways with them. K9 went on to earn his own spin-off TV series and movie, the only Doctor Who companion to do so.

Rory Williams

Rory Williams was a registered nurse before he became the intergalactic legend known as The Last Centurion. The show would see him die several deaths in an attempt to save the love of his life and the universe, but it only worked to slow him down.

Sarah Jane Smith

Another assistant to shoot to popularity was Sarah Jane Smith, one among the Doctor’s longest-serving companions. The Time Lord finds able companionship in his assistants who stand out as individual characters by themselves too.