Must-have accessories for travel

Travelling can be one of the most fun times, as well as one of the most stressful if something goes wrong. However, nowadays there is something for everything when it comes to making life easier for a traveler. If you’re heading off on an adventure anytime soon, then these accessories are bound to make your life much more comfortable and stress-free.

Noise-cancelling headphones

This wonderful invention serves two purposes. One: to keep whatever you’re watching or listening to to yourself, so you don’t disturb anyone else. Two: to keep the noise of everyone else out of your space. Whether you’re watching a movie on a plane, listening to music on a coach, or watching a video while waiting at the airport, investing in a good pair of noise-canceling headphones can be a lifesaver.

An external battery

We’ve all been in a situation when you’re bored waiting for a delayed flight, or you’re lost somewhere abroad, and you get the dreaded black screen on a dead battery. Well, with an external battery you never have to worry about this again. These portable batteries are designed to be compact meaning they are easy to slip into a purse or pocket where they are ready for if they’re needed. There are plenty of sizes available too, with many having more than one power outlet so you can buddy up with a travel partner.

Neck pillow

The journey can be the best and the worst part of travelling. You can be welcomed to some incredible views, but after a while, it can become a bit uncomfortable sat in your seat for so long. Having a good neck pillow will help to support your head if you drift off, as well as helping save you from some embarrassing moments. The last thing you want is to wake up and find yourself on someone’s shoulder after you’ve nodded off; a neck pillow will save you from all the embarrassment.

Luggage tracker

For anyone that has ever had their bag go missing when traveling you know how agonizing it can be as you have the debate whether you will ever see your belongings again. With a luggage tracker, your worries can be put aside. They are only small so won’t take up any valuable space in your bag, but they give you the chance to track whereabouts your bag is in the world – hopefully, the same place you are!

Selfie stick

A lover or a hater of this invention, once you have tried one, you will never go back! The selfie stick allows you to get the best angle for your photos, as well as being able to fit all the fantastic scenery into the background behind you. You will be the envy of your friends when you have all the most amazing pictures without having to run the risk of asking someone to use your phone to take the picture for you.

A streaming stick

This little device is pocket-sized but can change your whole trip experience. If you find yourself stuck inside, or need some television entertainment for the night, then you can easily plug one of these bad boys into the TV and have access to any streaming service of your choice. This is especially handy if there is a show you just have to watch while you’re away.

With everything being able to fit into a backpack with ease, these inventions won’t be taking up much room when you jet off to your next destination. Hopefully, they should help to make the whole traveling experience more pleasant as well as take away some of the unnecessary panic that can come from leaving home.