Why learning how to code is important

Does the very thought or sight of a computer make you actively shudder? Are you repelled by the idea of having to spend a lot of time navigating one of these machines? We hear ya, and we’re just the same! The trouble is that computers basically rule the world these days, and that’s why you need to become au fait with them as much as possible. There is so much that will become easier and less stressful once you get a little more proficient with computers.

That brings us to today’s buzzword – coding. Stop shrinking back into your chair! We’re going to explain to you exactly why learning to code is so important and tell you what you can do to ace it. This is going to change your life, as well as your approach to computers, and you’re going to find many more doors open to you as a result. So, without further cause for pause… let’s check out why coding is so important!

Why learning how to code is important


The great thing about learning code is that it gives you more freedom in your schedule, and you can set your own working day. Coding allows you to work for yourself, which means you can set your own hours, and get out of the 9-5 bubble. Yes, you will have deadlines, and meetings, but you will be able to determine when those are beforehand, so nothing will come as a shock. Learning to code is the first step on the road to enjoying more freedom in your life, and creating your own schedule.


Another of the simple reasons why learning to code is important is because it’s so accessible these days. There are so many opportunities nowadays for learning to code, more than there ever have been in the past. With the emergence of Raspberry Pi and other such programs, it has made the process of coding much more doable. Schools are beginning to offer children the chance to learn how to code, and this is really crucial. It’s something that might seem pretty intimidating to start with, but eventually, you will get the hang of it.

You can change the world

Don’t believe us? Well, it’s already happened. Many of the computer-based content and programs we use today were created by people who first learned the basics behind coding. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, Microsoft CEO Bill Gates, and Drew Houston, creator of Dropbox are just a few of the great names in the computing world. These people have all changed the world with ideas and programs they would never have been able to had it not been for coding. Learning how to code is the first step on the road to learning about computers and making your own mark in the world.

Why learning how to code is important


Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple once claimed everyone in the country should learn how to program a computer because the process would teach them how to think. This is pretty much hitting the nail on the head in terms of what coding can offer you. It’s great for helping you to be more analytical and solve problems, and it will change the way you approach problems in the future.

Coding is one of the most important skills you can learn these days, and thankfully it is being given much more exposure and attention these days. People are being given the opportunity to learn to code in school and college, and you definitely should take the opportunity to do this if you get the opportunity. Coding can change your life and, in the process, can help you to change the world.