Great old computer games and video games you totally forgot about

We all loved playing video games when we were younger; in fact, many of us still enjoy them now. But, the point is that there are loads of epic and awesome games that were released when we were younger that we’ve probably all forgotten about. There is nothing better than digging out a classic game from our youth and spending a few hours reacquainting ourselves with it.

There are so many epic games that were released when we were kids, and we would love to go back and play them all again now. History has not been kind to video games over the years, and many were deemed obsolete once their consoles died out. But, this is a selection of some of the best old games around when we were kids that you’ve totally forgotten about.

The Oregon Trail – PC

Who remembers The Oregon Trail?! This game was one of the first forays into video gaming, and become hugely popular following its release in 1974. The game allowed players (predominantly school children) to take the part of a family of settlers traveling the Oregon Trail back in 1848. This game was almost ubiquitous in schools all across the world, and was hugely successful, selling over 65 million copies. It remains one of the landmark games from the lives of us kids who grew up in the ‘80s.

The Oregon Trail

Streets of Rage II – Sega Mega Drive

This side-scrolling beat ‘em, up game was, in our opinion, the best game the Mega Drive ever did. It had everything from cool music, to unique characters, to a fun story. Clearing the gritty streets of an unnamed metropolis, using fists, feet, and an array of weapons you can pick up, this is one of the finest games of all time. We remember whiling away the hours playing Streets of Rage 2 with friends – and the best part about it was the 2 player collaborative mode. Simply stunning!

Half-Life – PlayStation 2

This criminally underrated first-person shooter was one of the finest games released in the late-’90s, and one of the games that caused a surge in popularity for science-fiction games. The graphics were ground-breaking for the time, and the puzzle aspect of the gameplay was also a lot of fun. It was also one of the earliest video games to remove the idea of annoying cutscenes to help tell a story.


Championship Manager 3 – PC

Any soccer fans will know this game, as it was one of the best in the series. The award-winning game allowed players to take charge of their favorite soccer club from around the world, and take charge of anything from playing matches to buying players, and sorting out training. Immersive, interactive, and totally addictive, the game was a huge success and is still being made under the name Football Manager.

Do you guys remember all these cool games? There were so many more as well, but this is just a small section of some of the games we loved as kids. When it comes to choosing the right computer games, there are a lot of things to remember, but these games were all classics in their time, and should help unlock that same level of magic once again!