All the girls that Harry Potter ever had a crush on

Harry Potter is a fantasy series revolving around magic and good versus evil. Even though it is not a romance novel, there is still a huge variety of young characters, so there’s bound to be some young love involved. Here are all the girls that Harry Potter ever had a crush on.

Ginny Weasley

A fictional story wouldn’t be as interesting if the main character doesn’t have a main squeeze. When we encounter with Ron’s younger sister Ginny for the first time, she has a major crush on Harry, although he doesn’t immediately return her sentiment.

All the girls that Harry Potter ever had a crush on

Ultimately, she loosens up around him. This enables Harry to see her in a more positive light. Like Harry, Ginny is a force to be reckoned with on the Quidditch field. Eventually, Harry shows strong feelings for her, they get together, and they live happily ever after.

Cho Chang

A few years before Harry develops feelings for Ginny, he has resilient crush on Cho Chang. Cho Chang is Harry’s fellow Hogwarts student, and is a member of the Ravenclaw house. They first start flirting with each other in Prisoner of Azkaban during a Quidditch match, where they play head to head against each other.

All the girls that Harry Potter ever had a crush on

Harry asks her out to the Yule Ball in the fourth book, but she unfortunately tells him that she’s already going with his Hufflepuff rival, Cedric Diggory. They finally end up dating in the fifth book – but after a disastrous Hogsmeade outing, along with a few other hiccups… their relationship ends shortly after.

Parvati Patil

Harry never actually states that he has a “crush” on Parvati, but he certainly takes her out to the Yule Ball. When he sees her on the big night, he admits to himself that she looks really pretty in her shocking pink robes (in the book version, of course). Although Parvati was never really a bonafide crush, she’s important to mention because she’s the first girl Harry ever went on a date with.

Luna Lovegood

Here’s another girl that Harry went on a date with, even though he only asks her out as a friend. He takes her as his date to Professor Slughorn’s Christmas party, and she is ecstatic to accompany him. It’s safe to say that Harry never liked Luna the same way he liked Ginny or Cho, but they’ve shared some pretty special moments, and many fans have wished that these two would’ve ended up together.

Hermione Granger

We know what you’re thinking. Harry and Hermione were just friends, and Harry even told Ron that he saw her like a “sister.” Okay, so Hermione and Ron ended up together, but do you honestly expect us to believe that Harry never had any feelings for Hermione? Somehow we doubt it. You can’t hang out with a girl like that for seven years straight and not feel anything. It’s impossible.

All the girls that Harry Potter ever had a crush on

Remember, the Harry Potter book series was always intended to be a children’s book, so it’s possible J.K. Rowling left out some “more-than-friendly” feelings Harry might’ve felt for Hermione. Oh yeah, and then there’s the fact that Rowling herself admitted publicly that she regretted not putting Harry and Hermione together. This right here is the coupling that really should’ve happened. Let Ron have Lavender Brown.