Gadgets that can help you live a healthier lifestyle

The capabilities of 21st-century health and fitness have gone way beyond your standard home dumbbells and the average pedometer. With the latest smartphone technology always progressing, and the scientific knowledge of what is and isn’t good for your body widening every year, we’ve recently seen a boom in high-tech-high-spec gadgets, all which assist in making you work harder and smarter at the gym and eating healthily.

It might seem nowadays that there’s too many healthy habits to tackle, but this type of lifestyle doesn’t need to be hard. Here are a few gadgets we think are the best tools out there to make it all easier, providing fantastic assistance in accomplishing the wholesome way of living you always wanted.

For workouts…Hyperice Vyper Foam Roller

When you need help with…getting the most out of post-workout stretches.

Proper recovery after exercising is essential for achieving maximum evidential results of muscle-building. The Vyper is a rolling device which uses pressure and vibration to help loosen tightened muscles after a tough workout. The product has gained rave reviews, with most vouching for how it significantly reduces soreness and stiffness through frequent use. It can target various muscle groups including back, legs, upper torso and neck.

Foam Roller

For mental health…Calm iPhone app

When you need help with…relaxing and de-stressing.

There’s more and more scientific research being carried out proving just how amazingly beneficial meditation can improve your mental health. Good mental health and good physical health coincide. Calm is a superb smartphone app that acts as a personal tutor to meditated relaxation. It provides users with customized programmes, guided techniques, breathing exercises, and ambient sounds, all designed to boost your positivity and self-esteem.

For exercise and diet plans…MyFitnessPal

When you need help with…making a realistic plan, counting calories, and knowing what to eat.
There’s been plenty of different ‘personal coach’ apps coming out in recent years, all boasting to have the best advice on healthy eating and exercise. However, we think the most efficient in carrying out the best goal-oriented techniques is MyFitnessPal. The app is tailored to you, and is a space for you to log your daily intakes, build sustainable plans, track your progress and stay motivated. There are also specially designed watches that sync to your app to help you get the most out your programme.

For healthy eating…Instant Pot

When you need help with…maintaining motivation for making healthy meals.
Long gone are the days of time-consuming meal preparation. Healthy eating doesn’t need to be full of stress and dodgy recipes, instead, we suggest getting an Instant Pot, a one-pot-wonder slow-cooker. It’s the tool any busybody needs to make hearty, healthy meals easily and quickly. It’s a seven-in-one functional cooker, that cooks a whole lot faster than most other appliances of the same kind.

Instant Pot

Most gadget products like these will have numerous different specifications and alternative brands that all do aim to do the same thing – however, some are better than others, and some are of course more expensive than others. So remember to shop around and find the best deal for you.