The funniest engineer T-shirts you’ll find

There are t-shirts for everything these days. While the malls may be pretty restricted in the style of clothes they sell, a quick search online will show you that any design you can think of has made its way onto a shirt. Isn’t the internet a great place? There are some pretty hilarious designs out there, especially if you’re an engineer. We’re not sure how many people in this profession would go around proudly wearing these, but we’d love to see someone rocking them out in public.

Half full or half empty?

The expression of the glass being either half full or half empty is something that most of us are familiar with. It’s supposed to identify whether someone is a pessimist or optimist, but this t-shirt sees things completely differently. The design has the optimist’s and pessimist’s point of views beneath a glass of water, but at the bottom, the engineer states that “The glass is TWICE the size it needs to be.” That’s certainly not a take on the expression we’ve ever heard before, but we love its bluntness.

The engineering flowchart

This is probably one of the best designs that we’ve seen. We love a good flowchart, especially when they’re used sarcastically. Here, the shirt poses a couple of simple questions. Firstly, “Does it move?” Whether the answer is yes or no, it then goes on to ask “Should it move?” If it does move and should, or doesn’t move and shouldn’t, then the shirt says there isn’t a problem. However, if it does move and shouldn’t, in the wise words of an engineer it advises to “use more duct tape.” Likewise, for the contrasting option, it states clearly that you need to “use more lube.” What’s funny is that we can imagine many engineers telling us to do just this.

The funniest engineer T-shirts you’ll find

Good with math, not with words

Engineers may know what they’re doing when it comes to fixing things (supposedly), but not so much when it comes to spelling. At least, that’s what this shirt is trying to get it. The design has misspellings of “I’m an Engineer” crossed out several times, with the assertion that “I’m good with math” written very clearly underneath. You can just hear the growing aggravation as they tried and failed to spell it correctly.

It’s all wizardry

The work of an engineer is one that’s hard to understand unless you’re a part of the profession yourself. For those not in the know, though, this t-shirt wants to help you out. It’s styled like an entry from the dictionary (and even tells you how to pronounce the word), because this is one incredibly factual design. What is the definition of an engineer exactly? Well, according to this, it’s “Someone who does precision guesswork based on unreliable data provided by those of questionable knowledge.” Sounds legit. The icing on the cake is the suggested words under the see also section – wizard or magician.

The know it all

Engineers want everyone to believe that they know what they’re doing. We can’t say they’re wrong. If we were in a room with them, they’d certainly be the expert there, and we’d be willing to trust whatever they told us. However, we’re not sure whether a shirt that says “I’m a mechanical engineer, to save time let’s just assume that I’m never wrong!” fills us with much confidence. If someone needs to make a point about being right they might not know as much as they want us to believe.

The funniest engineer T-shirts you’ll find

Anyone that puts a little extra thought into the clothes they wear gets the thumbs up from us. These t-shirts show personality, which is more than you get from most things you pull off the rack. Be different and wear something more like these shirts (though maybe not the engineer ones, unless you are one yourself).