What you didn’t know about Panda bears

They might well be cute, fluffy, and cuddly, but panda bears are also mysterious, majestic and beautiful animals. Animals that were once on the verge of extinction, and was clear that more needed be done to help protect and look after them. As one of the most iconic creatures in the animal kingdom, the panda bear is not what you would expect, and, in many ways, is not actually a proper bear.

Pandas are now finally no longer and endangered species, after years of conservation and help. Due to low-breeding, and deforestation, they were in danger of being wiped out, but this is no longer an issue. In spite of this, they are still a vulnerable species and one that we could stand to learn more about. Here are some of the amazing things you never knew about panda bears that will blow your mind.

The weigh next to nothing at birth

Looking at the size and stature of giant pandas, you could be forgiven for thinking they are already pretty big when they’re born, but, this is actually not the case. Prepare yourself for cuteness overload – when pandas are born they weigh as little as 3.5 ounces. If you want something for comparison, that is about the same weight as your cell phone! Oh, and also, their eyes don’t open for around 45 days either! In other words, they are these cute, tiny little things that you’ll just want to spend forever having cuddles with!

They have a varied diet

It’s a commonly held belief that pandas only eat bamboo. Now, it’s true that they love bamboo, and it’s also true that it accounts for around 99% of their daily diet. However, bamboo is not the only thing they consume, and there are several things in the wild that pandas do consume. For instance, they have also been known to consume flowers, fish, roots, and even birds or rodents. But, bamboo is their principal source of nourishment, and they are known to consume over 30 lbs of it each day; when in captivity they receive a much larger array of food.

Limited locations

You might see pandas in the zoo, and believe they come from all over the place, but that’s not actually true. The truth is that wild pandas are indigenous to China, and they live across six mountain ranges in southern and eastern China. In the past they were believed to have been found in Myanmar and Vietnam, but, these days, they are exclusively concentrated in areas including Gansu and Sichuan. If you ever see a panda in captivity, it means it has been loaned from China.

Their numbers are on the rise

Pandas used to be in grave danger of extinction, this was due mainly to poaching, a lack of breeding, and destruction of habitat. However, a lot of work was done to help pandas, and this has certainly improved things greatly. There used to be as little as a few hundred pandas in the wild, but not there are over 2,000, and their numbers are on the rise. Let’s hope this trend continues for as long as possible.

Panda bears are fascinating creatures and animals that almost died out on our watch. They have a lot of potential in them for the future, and hopefully, they will be able to thrive now. These friendly, distinctive, and loveable bears, are among the biggest attractions in the zoos of the world. We reckon you probably didn’t know these facts about pandas, and now you’ll be able to do a mini panda tour the next time you’re at the zoo!