Cool science experiments you can do at home

In today’s day and age, it’s easy to simply plonk yourself in front of the television and watch movies and video games for hours on end. While this is fun for a little while, you soon realize that it can get pretty darn boring. But when the weather is awful and you don’t have any money to spend, how else can you spend your time? Well, we think we’ve got the answer for you. These are cool science experiments you can do at home.

DIY your own gooey slime

Slime is all the rage right now, but it seems as though you don’t have to go online to make it. In fact, making slime at home is super easy, and also super fun. All you need to make this slime is water, glue, borax, and then food coloring if you wish. Because the glue contains a chemical polyvinyl acetate, the borax acts as a linking agent to it. This causes it to stick together to create the wonderful and slippery slime we all know and love.

Cool science experiments you can do at home

Make your own lava lamp

What’s cooler than doing a science experiment at home? Doing a science experiment at home and then being able to use it on a regular basis! Most kids (and adults) wish they had a lava lamp in their bedroom, and this experiment allows you to do just that. For this experiment, you will need water, oil, food coloring, and an alka-seltzer. Amazingly, you’ll be able to see the different densities of both water and oil, and when Alka-seltzer is added into the mix, these oil globules will make their way up and down like a lava lamp.

A magnetic field in action

Let’s be honest, everyone’s a little obsessed with magnets. There’s nothing cooler than putting two poles together and watching them push each other away, but did you know that magnets could get even cooler? For this science experiment, you’ll need a jar full of water, some iron oxide, and a magnet. All you need to do is pour a small portion of iron oxide into the water and close the lid. Then, grab your magnet and place it on the side of the jar. You’ll be able to see the iron filings are immediately attracted to the magnet and will move in awesome shapes.

Cool science experiments you can do at home

Chill over instant ice

If you have ever wanted to be Frozone from The Incredibles, then you’re in luck. Although we know that everyday water has a freezing point, do you know much about purified water? This type of water doesn’t have any impurities or particles in it, which means its freezing point is much lower. However, if you put an unopened bottle of purified water in the freezer for just under a few hours, you can do something magical. When the cold water touches a piece of ice, it will instantly freeze, making a giant iceberg in the process.

Are you looking to do something cool and fun at home? Well, these cool science experiments will do the trick.