Conspiracy theories that might be true

Ah, conspiracy theories. Many of us love to sink our teeth into a conspiracy or two as we ask the questions that need to be answered and look for any other alternative to the one that we have been given. What about the conspiracy theories that might be true? These are the scariest of them all.

Avril Lavigne has been replaced

This is a conspiracy theory that has been floating around the internet for many years. People believe the pop-punk princess has been replaced by someone known as Melisa Vandella after the original Avril passed away in 2003. Apparently, they think that Melissa was brought in to continue making money for the producers and they have been trying to cover their tracks ever since. People have placed side by side photos of Avril and “Melissa” as they believe there are different moles and facial structures that prove their point.

Avril Lavigne

The truth of William Shakespeare

How could one man write so many classics in his lifetime? It turns out that he might not have after all. That’s right; many people believe that William Shakespeare wasn’t the man behind them all, but was actually an actor pretending to be one of the greatest writers of all time. While some people believe that many authors came together to create them all, others think that Edward de Vere was the real person to write the stories thanks to the references to his life in some works.

Peter I was replaced

Peter the Great once ruled over the Russian Empire. However, many people believe that he was replaced by a fake tsar before he returned to Europe. The conspiracy states that he was kept in a fortress and may have even become the Man in the Iron Mask. Why? When Peter I returned home, he sent all his relatives to a monastery, introduced foreign clothes, and suddenly became taller and older. To top it off, Peter even forgot how to write in Russian and forgot many of the traditions.


The Earth is hollow

This sounds like a strange one, but have any of us ever been to the center of the Earth? That’s what we thought. Some people state that there are portals at both poles that allow us to head down to the center of the planet. Thankfully, it turns out that there is a lot down there to make sure that everyone feels at home. It’s not believed that lost Viking colonies and other former civilizations that once walked the Earth all live down there. Plus, it’s said that they are joined by aliens who are currently visiting the planet.

Elvis is still alive

Many stars have been taken too soon. So what if we told you that the King of Rock could still be alive? There have been many claimed sightings of the star. One person claims they saw someone looking strikingly like Elvis boarding a plane to Argentina a few days after his passing. Another person claims they spotted Elvis living it up in his pool house in Graceland, while some believe they have seen Elvis working as a security guard at his home or as an extra in Home Alone. It appears that he might not have left the building.


Some of us can’t wait to explore all the latest conspiracy theories. Amazingly, some have proven to be true over the years. Could these conspiracy theories be the next to join them on the list? We may never know.