Charlie’s Angels (2019) – what we know so far

The Charlie’s Angels franchise has come a long way since the original TV series. Since the height of the show’s popularity in the late 70’s, there has been an animated web-series, a film adaptation and sequel in the early 2000s, a 2011 TV remake, and now in 2019, we are going to yet another cinema reboot.

After the 2011 TV remake was met with criticism from audiences and critics alike, all eyes are on this next attempt. Perhaps the feminist-driven movements of the entertainment industry in recent years is exactly what’s needed to give the future of the franchise its well-needed boost for success. Filming for the 2019 movie has been wrapped, and it’s due to be released later on this year. Here’s everything you need to know. Will it be a hit or miss?

Charlie’s Angels (2019)

When is it released?

The film has had many push backs, but get your tickets booked asap, as it’s officially been confirmed for release on 15th November 2019.

Who’s in it?

The angels are going to be portrayed by……Twilight’s Kristen Stewart who will play Sabina Wilson, British-born Ella Balinska who will play Jane Kano, and upcoming-starlet Naomi Scott who will play Elena Houghlin. Naomi is also due to play Jasmine in Disney’s 2019 live-adaptation of Aladdin.

Other cast members include teen heartthrob Noah Centineo from To All the Boys I’ve Loved as Langston, Star Trek’s Sir Patrick Stewart as Bosley, and Marvel’s Djimon Hounsou as Bosley too. Comedian/actress Elizabeth Banks will also play the role of Bosley, but more on her later.

What’s the plot?

You’ve probably noticed from the cast list above that there are multiple characters of Bosley, and fans of the franchise will know that in all other versions prior to this remake, to our knowledge there have seemingly only been 3 angels…

Well, everything we knew about Charlie Townsend’s agency has been torn apart, as now it’s been revealed that the agency has expanded internationally, with multiples teams of Angels assisted by multiple Bosleys. The teams of angels are implemented across the globe for the toughest, most dangerous, high-security missions.

This particular plotline will follow three Angels again, this time called into action when a systems engineer starts to threaten humanity with new dangerous technology. Expect fast action, fearless girl power, and some seriously awesome martial arts moves.

Charlie’s Angels (2019)

Anything else we should know?

It has also been revealed that the new movie should not be considered a reboot or a remake. Instead, it can be labeled a continuation of the franchise. Rather than starting entirely afresh, the film will incorporate past events from the original TV series and the 2000s films. So for all you eager-eyed fans out there, expect easter eggs and referential nods.

The film has been written, produced and directed by Pitch Perfect star Elizabeth Banks. When a new Charlie’s Angels film was revealed back in 2015, Elizabeth’s name was immediately attached as a potential director because she pitched an idea to Sony and they loved it.

In the years of development since, Elizabeth has played a major part in the artistic direction of the film, stepping in to co-write the screenplay and help cast the actors. We can’t wait to see what the genius mind of Banks can bring to the table! It looks like we still have a little while to wait, but it’ll all be worth it.