Board games from your childhood that are making a comeback

Sometimes it seems as though the next generation only care about the latest tech and what’s on TV. We grew up playing board games, why isn’t there that same passion? Have no fear; it looks as though some of our favorite board games from your childhood are making a comeback, and it’s about to be everything.


Do you remember those moments when you battled it out with your siblings as to who could bring down the other’s fleet of ships? Although you may have thought that your boat had long sunk to the bottom of the ocean, you could now be in luck. Battleship is making a return to our shelves thanks to the updated game. Now we can enjoy all the wonders of the warfield with a modern twist. How perfect.

Board games from your childhood that are making a comeback

Guess Who

Ah, the board game that had us asking all the weird and wonderful questions about someone’s appearance. That was until you accidentally knocked an extra person only to find you sabotaged your own game. How could we do this to ourselves? Now, there have been several versions of our much-loved game, including Disney, Marvel Comics, and Star Wars.


As the years have gone by, this game has seen plenty of variation, and not from the creators. Oh no, this is a game that has been used at many parties as a way to get up close and personal with the other guests. However, as the next generation learn the fun of twisting yourself into all these fantastic shapes, it looks as though this board game is slowly becoming a family favorite once again.


This was once a game that was thought to be reserved for the smart cookies of the world. Who would want to play with words for fun? Only, as the years have gone by, Scrabble is a real contender when it comes to popular games. Our brains have expanded, and we finally know all these longer words that used to confuse us. Move over brainiacs; we’re coming for you.

Trivial Pursuit

This was a game that somehow brought the whole family together – as well as unleashing everyone’s inner competitive side. The questions got harder and harder as we raced to prove who knew the most about the world. Now, there are hundreds of variations from sports to TV shows and everything in between. Don’t mess with a superfan; things could be about to get messy.

Board games from your childhood that are making a comeback


Let’s be honest, did Monopoly ever go out of fashion? This was the only game where racing a dog against a top hat could cause a major family disaster. If you’re new to Monopoly, then just remember to tell your family how much they mean to you before settling into your first game. You won’t regret it. Now you can play updated versions of the classic board or opt for a theme of just about anything in the world. The choice is yours.

It’s time to blow the dust off the old boxes as your favorite board games from your childhood are about to make a comeback. It’s time to educate the next generation on who the real masters are here. Do you think you can do it?