Best sci-fi shows on Netflix right now

If you’re currently scrolling through Netflix and wondering what the heck to watch, you’re not alone – because there are about 100,000 other people doing the exact same right now! Okay, so we’re not 100% sure on those statistics, but no click on Netflix would be complete without scrolling through the options looking for something new, before giving up and choosing to re-watch the same series you’ve already watched. That’s just the way it works. Luckily, if you’re into your sci-fi series and love to get your brain thinking and your heart racing, we’ve done the hard work for you and have found the best sci-fi shows on Netflix right now.

Black Mirror

Black Mirror is the kind of TV show that will leave you scratching your heads, but it will also leave you wanting more. Yes, this British-American show features new storylines every single episode, and they are all just as chilling as the next one. These episodes pick apart some of the deep-rooted issues of society and focus on technology, social media, science, and more. With nightmarish twists and often creepy endings, Black Mirror isn’t the kind of show that will cheer you up after a hard day of work, but it will make you think about your existence on this planet and what you need/want in life. This one will cut you deep.

Star Trek: The Original Series

When you think of sci-fi shows, your brain probably immediately goes to Star Trek – because what could be more sci-fi than pointed ears, spaceships, and quirky hand signals? Although almost all of the Star Trek series are on Netflix right now, you just can’t beat The Original Series. All three of the seasons within this series gives you an insight into where it all began, and you get to meet the iconic characters all over again. You get to learn all about the Star Trek Universe from the beginning, and this means you can binge-watch all of the other series’ afterward…

Stranger Things

If you haven’t watched Stranger Things yet, you need to get on that ASAP. This Duffer Brothers creation has been the talk of the town over the past few years, as this ‘80s sci-fi series takes us back in time and takes us into worlds completely unknown. From bald-headed teenagers who have weird superpowers to gross Demogorgons, to quirky fashion and never-ending friendships, this show literally has everything you could want from a sci-fi classic. Get yourself up to date with the first two seasons before the third season comes out.

Mystery Science Theater 3000

If you remember Mystery Science Theater playing in the background when you were younger, you had the coolest childhood. This epic sci-fi comedy series features the host, Joel Hodgson, as he finds himself trapped on the Satellite of Love. As he tried to survive his time in captivity, Joel makes friends with his new robot toys. They soon riff their way through space and watch movies as they go, but that’s not all they do. These guys perform songs, they take part in little skits, and they keep each other thoroughly entertained the whole way.


We all love a sci-fi series set in the dystopian future, right? Well, if you do you’ll love Colony. This 2016 American sci-fi series follows the lives of those who live under an intense and strict military regime. However, this regime is not following orders from regular humans. Instead, these humans are “hosts” to some of the most devastating extraterrestrials known to man and alien. Although a resistance to the authority has made their presence known, are they strong enough to overthrow the powerful aliens who reign supreme over society?

Finding an epic show to watch on Netflix can be a difficult task when there are some many choices to choose from, but these sci-fi shows will definitely keep you entertained for hours.