The best gadgets for camping outdoors

Camping is a time when many people will escape the difficulties of modern living to be at one with nature for a while. Sometimes people are put off going camping because they like to have their home comforts. However, camping technology is always improving, and it is becoming more and more accessible. We are bringing you some of the best camping gadgets that have come on the market in recent years.

The best gadgets for camping outdoors

Personal water filter

Keeping hydrated is an important part of camping, especially if you are throwing in a few hikes during your stay in the outdoors. While you’ll likely keep a healthy stash of water nearby, or have found a drinking hole to top up your bottles, you can’t always prepare for every situation. In the case of an emergency, many campers use a personal water filter that allows them to drink from any water source safely. The filtration process removes chlorine, bacteria, and protozoa to make sure you will always be able to have a drink when your water bottle is empty. It is made from stainless steel and doesn’t require any batteries, so it is always available to use.

Wood burning camp stove

One modern problem with camping is that there isn’t always somewhere for you to charge your electronic devices. While people argue you shouldn’t bring electronic devices with you as you are meant to be getting close to nature, teenagers aren’t necessarily going to agree to that. For those situations requiring a battery boost, BioLite has invented a stove that not only boils water and cooks your food, but it can also charge your electronic gadgets. The stove converts the heat coming from the fire into electricity.

Collapsible water containers

A common problem when camping is having to trek back and forth to various water sources as large water containers can be too cumbersome to bring along on a camp trip. Thanks to the invention of collapsible water carriers campers can bring buckets capable of holding 12 liters right in their rucksacks, then assemble them of an evening or at a pit stop to carry enough water for their groups.

The best gadgets for camping outdoors

Portable washer

Not all campsites will have laundry facilities, especially if you are out in the middle of the forest. That doesn’t mean your clothes won’t need a clean, you might have fallen into some mud or got tree sap on your pants for example. A portable washer has been invented by Laundreez that can fit in your bag when not in use, and folds out to make sure your clothes are nice and clean. All you’ll need to do is give them a good shake and a swish of water. The washer will double up as a dry bag to protect any clothes or items you want to be kept dry when near water or in a torrential rain downpour.

Travel microfibre towels

Often a towel can take up a huge part of your rucksack space, meaning you’ll probably have to leave something behind. Thankfully microfibre towels have been around for a while now, and the travel sized versions often fold up into a small bag that takes up hardly any room at all. Of course, they dry super quickly so you can dry yourself, get dressed, pack things up, and get going about your day not having to carry around the extra weight of a soaking wet towel.

Camping is an activity that should be fun for everybody, even people who like to wear clean clothes every day and stay in touch with the world through their electronic gadgets. Thanks to some of these gadgets those people, and everyone else can enjoy the benefits of getting out in the fresh air a little easier than in the past.