Which is the best Android on the market?

There are countless Android phones in the market. This is thanks to Google making their OS software available to all other brands. This results in hundreds of brands and thousands of phone models all using Android. As such, there’s stiff competition among Android phones. There’s however a notable few Android brands that have claimed their place at the top of the game and which keep releasing new, better models every year. These are brands that give Android users something to rival the prestigious iPhones. Brands such as Samsung, Google, Motorola, HTC and Huawei are some of those that are always coming up with Androids better than the last and the rest.

In this article we’ll look at which Android is the best on the market today. There are a few jostlers for the spot, but the latest Samsung Galaxy S10 takes the lead.

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Google Pixel 3

Coming close to the Samsung Galaxy S10 is the Google Pixel 3. Google provides OS software for almost every other phone brand out there, so you can just imagine how impressive their own smartphones are bound to be. Google Pixel 3 comes with the latest, and best Android yet, Android 9.0 Pie. The OLED display is top of the grade, having an extended full HD+ resolution that is also HDR capable which provides for the best viewing experience. Its cameras are also the best that can be found on an Android and make group shots much easier. Charging gets more hassle free with the Pixel 3, which has fast wireless charging capability.

Samsung Galaxy S10

There are so many things that are top of the grade with this new Samsung release, and barely anything that’s anything less than satisfactory. First of all, there’s the stunning, huge quad-HD+ AMOLED panel that comes with unrivaled brightness and impressive coloring. It has 128GB storage which is expandable, alongside 8GB RAM. A smartphone’s camera is one of the most important details that consumers look at when looking for a new smartphone, and Samsung have gone out of their way with this latest model packing 3 cameras for the best shots ever. This phone also has a hardware that is IP68 water resistant.

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Chinese brand Huawei is another big name, and the Huawei MATE 20 PRO is their best Android yet. It’s equipped with the latest Android version, Android 9.0 Pie. Then there’s the fastest CPU that there is, the Kirin980. This alongside the 6GB RAM gives one of the best performance levels ever. Another desirable feature is the powerful 4200mAh battery which has a long life. The phone supports wireless reverse charging, meaning you can charge another phone using the MATE PRO 20. This Huawei makes the camera game even more exciting with its 3 back camera lenses. These three are 40MP, 20MP and 8MP while the front camera is at 24MP.
Samsung released four other models along the Galaxy S10. That’s just an instance that shows that the Android market is cutthroat and the best options are always changing.