Are Air Pods worth it?

Apple is a company that can be counted on to make waves in the tech sector. Ever since the iPhone exploded onto the scene, Apple has been the leading name in the world of modern technology. Steve Jobs became a poster boy for geeks everywhere, and since his passing, the company continues to go from strength to strength.

Recently Apple released its AirPods – wireless earphones that have become popular over the past couple of years. These are leading the way for a lot of people when it comes to the earphone revolution, however, many remain skeptical. So, are the Apple AirPods worth parting with your hard-earned dollars? Well, let’s take a look!

Are Air Pods worth it?

Excellent call clarity

One of the reasons so many people seem to be raving about the AirPods is the fact that they offer amazing call clarity. Some will gush about the great use of Siri, but the reality is that being able to make a crisp, clean phone call is much more important than asking Siri when the new Game of Thrones season starts. Well, at least long-term it is! Sure, the Hey Siri feature is a massive perk, but excellent wireless calling is one of the biggest strengths.

Pretty expensive

These AirPods are not without drawbacks though, and one of the biggest drawbacks is the cost involved, as these are hardly the cheapest or most affordable wireless headphones on the market. This certainly threatens to price out those who don’t earn a lot of money, and that’s a shame. If you have your heart set on these AirPods, it might be worth waiting around for any potential special offers to come out, and then you can take advantage of those.

W1 chip

Perhaps the most exciting thing about these brand new wireless headphones is the W1 chip. This is a chip with in-built proximity sensors and is the magic behind how the whole thing occurred. You can pair your new earphones instantly with your iPhone, without even needing to use Bluetooth to help you. You can sync it to Cloud which allows you to link your earphones to your other devices, such as iPad and MacBook. And, one of the coolest features allows you to use just one AirPod at a time.

Are Air Pods worth it?

Limited design

A minor drawback is that the design and color-scheme is fairly limited, and this is something that can be off-putting. When you are wearing your earbuds, you want to make sure they look trendy and suit your style. But the current ones are only available in white, so, until there are a variety of designs and colors on the market, you might want to hold off on buying.

Overall, there are always going to be reasons to spend your money elsewhere, but it is important that you look at what matters. You can’t really go wrong with Apple, and as such the AirPods represent a good investment. They might be a little on the expensive side, and they are certainly an acquired taste, but there is no doubting they are the leading wireless headphones on the market.