9 brilliant celebrities who obtained advanced degrees from college

Talk about talent! Not all celebs are just pretty faces and voices. Some of them have some pretty good brains on them too. Who knew that some of the most talented on-screen and on-radio people have advanced degrees behind them. We have gathered up a list of nine brainy celebrities who have all earned advanced degrees in college.

Shaquille O’Neal

The basketball megastar played for the NBA. Not only has he had a career in acting and rapping too, he has also earned a doctorate degree in education from Barry University. O’Neal is also said to be going into a career of motivational speaking soon.

Natalie Portman

With two published papers in scientific journals during her high school career, it’s no wonder that Natalie Portman has a B.A in psychology from Harvard University. This Hollywood star takes her education so seriously that she even skipped the premiere of “Star Wars: Phantom Menace” to study for her high school finals. Talk about dedication.

9 brilliant celebrities who obtained advanced degrees from college

Ken Jeong

This talented comedian and actor had us all in stitches with his breaking role in “The Hangover.” But Ken is not just about making people laugh. He is a licensed medical physician with an M.D from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. His wife, who is also a doctor, gave Ken the push he needed to put down the stethoscope and do what he truly loves.

Mayin Bialik

The Big Bang Theory star is not just a genius on screen. Mayin has a Ph.D. in neuroscience from UCLA and is also a published author. She primarily focused on mental illness. She will soon be making her screenwriting and directing debut with a film based on her own life experiences.

Brian May

The epic guitarist from Queen started his studies on astrophysics from 1970 to 1974. He paused his studies when the UK band exploded into superstardom. He later continued his studies and finally obtained his doctorate in 2007. What a feeling of accomplishment that must be.

James Franco

This talented man is an overachiever of note. He has a Masters Degree in Fine Arts for creative writing, a Masters Degree in filmmaking, and a Ph.D. in English. He is also an artist, writer, and director. Not to mention his successful Hollywood career as an actor.

Sigourney Weaver

Before making it big with the “Alien” franchise, Sigourney Weaver obtained a Master of Fine Arts Degree from Yale University School of drama. This is also where she met Meryl Streep.

Gerard Butler

Not only is this Scottish heartthrob an actor, producer, singer, and musician, he also has a law degree from Glasgow University. He only worked as a lawyer for a very short period of time before his acting career took off at the age of 27.

9 brilliant celebrities who obtained advanced degrees from college

Rowan Atkinson

The beloved Mr. Bean star is well known for his comedic roles and dry sense of humor. But there’s nothing funny about earning a Master Degree in electrical engineering. He obtained his degree from The Queen’s College in Oxford in 1975 before his acting career took off.

Having a college degree isn’t just about a great career, it’s also about proving to ourselves that we are capable to do just about anything we set our minds to.