7 practical life lessons from Albert Einstein

Albert Einstein is famous across the whole world for being a genius. He was the most intelligent man of his time, and is still incredibly well respected today! While he did specialize particularly in science, he was actually extremely smart in other aspects of life too – including just making it through day to day life in the best way possible! Here are seven very practical life lessons we can learn from Albert Einstein.

7 practical life lessons from Albert Einstein

Don’t give up

It sounds completely obvious, and not like the words of a genius at all, but continuing to persist at something is a thing we all forget to do all too often. When talking about himself, Einstein said that he wasn’t actually clever at all, he just “stayed with problems longer”. In short, he kept persisting until he found the solution and hey presto, became a genius! Try it again until you succeed.

Learn from your experiences

Experiences are always incredibly valuable lessons to us, whether we realize it at the time or not. You can learn so much from going to a new place, trying a new food, meeting a new person, experiencing a new culture. Through experience we gain knowledge, and with knowledge comes power. We become better people because of the things that we experience too, the good and the bad; in fact, the things we experience can have the power to actually shape the person we are. It’s important to take note of the lessons they teach us.

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7 practical life lessons from Albert Einstein

Be valuable to other people

It’s all well and good being successful in life and making a lot of money but it’s no good if you don’t add value to other people’s lives, or even your own life! Stick to your guns, stay true to who you are and treat the others around you as you would like to be treated. This way, not only will you become successful but you’ll be valued by the people you meet too – and that’s the most worthwhile thing of all. Einstein urged people to become a “man of value” rather than a “man of success”; this distinction makes all the difference.

Be the best

Albert Einstein said that it wasn’t just important to learn the rules of the game but to then play the game better than anyone else too. This is an incredibly important life lesson to remember. If you want to succeed you have to be the best, and that requires persistence, determination and creativity. ,Bend the rules, adapt them so they work better for you and you’ll soon find yourself excelling above and beyond everyone else.

Stay curious

While they say curiosity killed the cat, it is quite important to keep some element of curiosity in your life. If you remain curious, you can keep discovering new things, becoming more creative, trying new methods and, in turn, making significant achievements. Life can be downright amazing if you stay curious and keep discovering more and more new things. Einstein always maintained that the most important thing in life is to never stop questioning.

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7 practical life lessons from Albert Einstein

Don’t worry about making mistakes

A famous quote of Einstein’s is that someone who has never made a mistake in their life has never tried anything new. People spend so much time getting upset and worried over any mistakes that they make, and it’s just not worth the stress! Additionally, people let the mistakes they make put them off ever trying the same thing, or anything else new, ever again! The only thing we can do when we make mistakes is learn from them, and the lessons they teach us are usually very worthwhile indeed.

Imagination is everything

Don’t stop using your imagination just because you’ve grown older. Your imagination will always remain relevant, and able to unlock so many new doors for you. The imagination is a beautiful thing. It can help us become more creative, to think the unthinkable and dream the wildest of dreams. However, it can also help us make practical life decisions, as we imagine the outcome of each. Keep your imagination active and engaged at all times – you will always need it. Einstein is famously one of the most intellectual and knowledgeable people of all time, however he insisted that imagination is more powerful and important than knowledge. Truer words have never been spoken.