7 Game Changing Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Ecommerce Business

Trying to up your E-commerce game can be a pain, but our tips will make it easy. An E-commerce business may be different from others in the same field, but at its core it’s still a business, and there are several simple tips that can help it thrive. While some may seem a little old school for the fast paced society we live in, remember: old school methods are tried and true, and they never let you down.  

Keep up with the seasons

Keeping in time with the seasons may not seem like a big deal, but it can earn you thousands. For E-commerce businesses, most of the revenue comes from seasons. Sounds unbelievable? Think back on the holiday seasons and how many online businesses offer sales and discounts. Every holiday can have a theme and a sale while gaining you 50% more revenue than you have now.

Never ignore feedback, personalize the experience

We’d never know how good we were doing without feedback, right? So don’t ignore yours. Pay attention to what people are telling you and ensure that you don’t make the same mistakes others do. Are they able to find the items they want? Is the website hard to navigate? Are they experiencing technical issues? Do they want more deals? Consider all of this when utilizing your E-commerce business. Even adding a coupon will help, as everyone loves something unique.

7 Game Changing Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Ecommerce Business

If you’re looking to boost your sales and optimize your website, why not let AI do the heavy lifting for you? That’s where nowdialogue steps in. This platform allows you to custom tailor your customer’s shopping experience using dynamic widgets and even personalized suggestions. It relies on the customer’s unique actions on your website in order to work, but the end result is a remarkable improvement in their online shopping experience.

Don’t let the word “artificial intelligence” scare you off, though. This platform is entirely hands-off, which means that you can simply let it work its magic in the background. The intelligent algorithm waits until the perfect moment, then sends a personalized message to the shopper. It’s been proven to help increase guest engagement and increase sales, allowing you to close in on that coveted conversion rate.

And for those of you who are worried it won’t work? Well, set those fears aside. It comes with a free one-month trial, allowing you to cancel at any time. They also supply you with the results from Google Analytics, allowing you to see at a glance if they were able to increase your bottom line. If you’re not happy, then you’re under no obligation to keep it.

Get their attention with your products

When people look at your items, it’s essential to make sure the pages are encouraging them to make purchases. There are steps to achieving this, and they are all straightforward. The first thing you should do is make sure that you have a site that is easy to navigate. The second is to up your SEO game. SEO can take your site from being unnoticed to number one on Google. The third tip is to make sure that your pictures are well done. If you have a website full of blurry pictures, you won’t have any buyers. 

7 Game Changing Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Ecommerce Business

Go mobile!

So everyone is pretty much glued to their phone for at least part of the day. Think of how much more optimization your E-commerce platform would achieve if you went mobile. More people use a mobile device than a laptop or desktop. Because of that fact, if you are not using mobile capabilities, you could be robbing your platform of a great opportunity. When going mobile, there is one thing to keep at the forefront of your mind: mobile users have minimal patience. Make sure that your site doesn’t take forever to load. If it does, they won’t wait.

7 Game Changing Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Ecommerce Business

Virid is a platform offering decades of experience with E-commerce, and they are award-winning. Offering unbeatable expertise in technology, they have packages that should fit your every need. They believe that any site can be fixed and made better. 

Partnering with PayPal, Square, Shippo, Shopify, and others, they are sufficient and supportive when helping sites become their best and giving them the opportunity to improve. Their claim to fame, however, is the ability to integrate systems while improving reporting at the same time. 


Retail jobs will continuously have that pushy boss that was always telling you to upsell. As much as it might have been irritating, the boss had a point. Upselling has been proven to up E-commerce revenue by considerable amounts. Most often, you can ensure they buy an upgraded version of something they already wanted or an item that fits with the original desire they had. A great example is to think about jewelry. Say your customer wants a necklace. A bracelet would complement that ideally, no?

Don’t let them abandon their cart

Sites all over the world use this trick, and here’s a secret many don’t know. Because customers know you’ll give them a discount, they leave their shopping cart and wait for you to do it. Everyone wants to earn more. When you see someone’s cart is going untouched, offer them a deal to get their attention. It’s been proven to save E-commerce businesses from losing over half a million dollars in revenue every year! Don’t let lost revenue happen to you. Offer a deal now and get a loyal customer in the future.

Build an email list

E-commerce can be tricky, but one thing you can do to help it achieve better optimization is build an email list. thegood is a platform that helps you understand old school methods, such as email marketing, with new school methods, such as conversion and optimization programs.

7 Game Changing Tools That Will Revolutionize Your Ecommerce Business

The main goal of the company is to remove bad digital experiences so that E-commerce platforms can find their hidden potential. Brands have chosen to work with thegood because they have been able to help their site become mobile friendly, while also helping them get serious about their online sales.

Partnering with brands like Google Partner, Privy, Big Commerce, Heap and many more, they work around the clock to help other companies. Offering free resources to the user, they also give you the option of having two different monthly fees to choose from.