6 best health podcasts that’ll answer every question you’ve ever had about your body

Podcasts have become our new best friends when we are commuting somewhere. We can escape the traffic jam, or ignore the sweaty armpit in our face on the bus thanks to these little beauties. There are all kinds of podcasts available these days – from comedy to sports to celebrity gossip. We are going to bring you six of the best podcasts that will answer all of your questions about your body and what’s going on with it.

Lady Lovin’

Three ladies chat about relationships, health and wellbeing and business issues, they cover a wide range of topics each and every Monday. The show is hosted by Greta Titelman, Jill Hendrix, and Lo Bosworth. They openly discuss their bodies, including intimate issues and they want their listeners to love the lives they live and the skin they live in.

That’s so Retrograde

This podcast takes an alternate look at wellbeing, and focuses on birthstones and spirit animals. The hosts are Elizabeth Kott and Stephanie Simbari who between them have experience in the fashion and comedy worlds. The pair are not all hot air though and have guests on each episode with genuine experience in their given field. Guests in the past have been holistic nutritionists, psychological astrologers, body alignment experts and a breathwork coach.

6 best health podcasts that’ll answer every question you’ve ever had about your body

One Part Podcast

This podcast is an accompaniment to the one part plant philosophy which focuses on having at least one meal a day comprising of plant-based whole foods. Jessica Murnane brings you the movement and she hosts this podcast too. She doesn’t have a pushy attitude trying to convert everyone to her way of thinking but gently discusses the benefits with her various expert guests.

TEDTalks Health

TEDTalks often brings audiences highly informative seminars, but they have branched out to the podcast community too. This is a health-centered discussion that answers many of the difficult health questions we have in a matter of fact manner. Their guests include doctors and medical researchers discussing their advice and findings on each podcast.

Almost 30

The Almost 30 podcast is a weekly conversation between Lindsey Simcik and Krista Williams about spirituality, self-development, and wellness. The podcast was inspired by their real-life transitions from 20 somethings to the dreaded big 3-0. The pair discuss their fears and questions getting older brings, and they back up their chatting with expert guests from a range of specialties. Their guests include; actors, nutritionists, life coaches, trainers, and comedians. Williams and Simcik aren’t afraid to get real and often discuss their experiences, good and bad, openly.

Food Psych

Christy Harrison is a registered dietitian nutritionist and discusses how we can and should approach our diets. Not diets as in fad diets, but our overall consumption of food. As with many podcasts, Harrison invites expert guests to come along and discuss their thoughts from their perspectives. Subjects approached include; body image, weight and size acceptance, feminism, food relationships, and exercise. Harrison is aiming to give people back their time and energy lost from trendy diets that inevitably don’t work.

6 best health podcasts that’ll answer every question you’ve ever had about your body

Those were some of the podcasts you should go and check out if your feeling like you’ve been neglecting your well-being lately. Or if you just want a different perspective on how to approach your health and fitness, give them a listen.