Are the X-Men really joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Disney has been busy, this time it’s because they’ve successfully bought out 21st-Century Fox, which is actually massive. This means a lot of things, particularly that Disney now owns the rights to the X-Men series, The Fantastic Four, as well as Alien and Avatar. While 21st-Century Fox, operating as 20th-Century Fox, has released some incredible movies, many believe that they absolutely destroyed the Fantastic Four remake and have over-complicated the X-Men series. With everything so new and fresh, do we have any answers that the X-Men will be joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Are the X-Men really joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

The long divide

Given that Fox owned Deadpool, X-Men and Fantastic Four, it meant they could only make reference to each other and not the expanded universe. What also complicated it is, the comics often intertwine characters, and the Fantastic Four had a lot to do with Spiderman. However, this will not have been alluded to at all because Spider-Man was owned by Marvel and not Fox. The same goes for the X-Men, as they have been totally limited to their own universe until Deadpool came in a broke every wall there was to break. While this was certainly a sad reality for comic book fans around the world, their dreams have come true, and they may well get to enjoy well-deserved crossovers.

There is a future possibility

What this means is that there is the complete possibility that the X-Men can join the MCU, but Disney didn’t foresee this, and they generally work with a long-term plan. This has worked for them for a while now and is what makes their content quality as opposed to rushed and rubbish. Considering the buyout, it’s likely they do want to introduce the world’s together, and it gives them much more scope to do so. However, they will need to do this carefully as the style and cinematography of the Marvel films have a similar feel, whereas the X-Men movies have a darker, more sinister streak to them; as does Deadpool. All of the Marvel cinema releases have been PG-13 or under, so we’re not too sure what they’ll make of the darker, more adult storylines these characters present and how they will feasibly integrate into the MCU.


What the Marvel boss says

Kevin Feige, the Marvel boss-man, has stated that they have only really started at the beginning of a new five-year plan, and, while nothing at the moment suggests that the X-Men are going to jump into the MCU without a second thought, he does say that he’s happy they’re ‘home’ and ‘together again’. So, safe to say they will use this freedom to their advantage sometime in the future,

While it might be difficult to leave it there, the buyout has only recently happened so, in creative terms, it makes sense to wait a little while. There are plenty of other releases that fans get to look forward to, including the upcoming ‘Dark Phoenix’ movie starring Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner, and Disney’s release of their streaming service ‘Disney+’. This may allow TV shows such as ‘Loki’, and ‘The Vision and Scarlet Witch’, which are rumored to be future productions.