The world’s best science museums

Museums are one of those things that you either love or hate when you’re younger, although many people find that with age they find them more and more interesting. However, some museums are definitely more interesting than others, whether it’s the topic or how it’s displayed. More people would probably visit a stamp-collecting museum if it were a little more interactive. Maybe we’re pushing the boat out a bit there, but some museums are so amazing they seem out of this world, and science museums are some of the best in the world.

The Natural History Museum – London

London’s Natural History Museum is one of the best in the world for some of the interesting exhibits they have, and the insane level of interactivity within it. It’s somewhere to discover the histories on plants, animals, human biology and development, and much more. The museum itself is also encased in a breathtaking structural masterpiece of architectural brilliance. The museum used to feature a giant Diplodocus skeleton, but this was replaced with a Blue Whale skeleton. Either way, as you walk in, you’re transported into a world of science and history. Just next door you can pop along to the Science Museum where you can see and interact with all things space and technology. Both museums are free to everyone and an incredible day out.

The Natural History Museum – London

The City of Science and Industry – Paris

The sheer size of this museum is enough to make anyone’s mouth drop open wide in astonishment; however, the gift of science just keeps on coming with this place. It’s been said to be one of the largest science museums in the whole of Europe and features some impressive exhibits that anyone would be lucky to see. The museum features exhibits on space, medicine, botany and so much more, it also has an incredible IMAX, planetarium and even a submarine. It aims to promote scientific knowledge among people in general, but specifically young people.

The Deutsches Museum – Germany

If you thought the City of Science in Paris was big, the Deutsches Museum in Germany is the biggest museum of science and technology in the world. It’s so big that it’s been built on its own island. The museum has thousands of objects relating to a host of subjects. From sub sections of physics to environmental awareness, this place has basically every topic you could think of. It also has one of a kind exhibits that you won’t find anywhere else.

The Ontario Science Centre – Toronto

This museum is all about getting your hands dirty. What that means is their focal point when it comes to exhibits is to learn through interaction and doing. The hands-on experiences cater to more than just young people, offering adults the chance to join in on the fun. Whether you’re interested in the human anatomy, astronomy or geology, expect a new experience at the Ontario Science Centre.

The Ontario Science Centre – Toronto

Miraikan – Tokyo

Miraikan offers something very unique, and that’s an opportunity for people to experience a massive variety of robots. This is centered explicitly around Japanese innovation, but that doesn’t make robots any less fascinating. While there is a whole load of information about Japanese natural history, this is also a cutting-edge modern museum where people can see the famous Honda robot if they wanted.

There are so many museums in the world, but these are among the very best out of all of them, whether it’s because of the exclusivity of the exhibits, or the sheer vastness of what they offer. Either way, they are mind-blowing in their ways and invite people to see things from an alternative perspective.