Who would win if Marvel and DC got in a fight?

In the last few years, both DC and Marvel have concentrated a lot of effort into rebuilding their respective universes, churning out origin movies, and more to concretize knowledge of their many heroes. These movies have served as crash courses for the non-comic book reading fans and as great additions for comic book lovers and fans.

From Batman vs Superman to Captain America, from Justice League to The Avengers, we have been treated to explosions, great fight sequences, and of course, Wakanda Forever! All these movies raise the perennial and time-honored question: In an all-out fight between DC comics and Marvel comics, who would come out on top? Whose superheroes are better suited to battle? In order to answer this question, we will take several superheroes from Marvel and several from DC and square them off against each other.

Superman vs. The Hulk

We start off with Superman, from DC, and his opponent from the Marvel Universe, The Hulk. This would be a close fight and the world would suffer for it. Both of them are nearly indestructible. Superman can fly, hover in the air, shoot laser beams, and has arctic breath to freeze things. The Hulk is as strong as he is angry. The angrier he gets, the stronger he becomes. So, if we pitch a conscienceless Superman Prime versus The Hulk, we would give the fight to Superman.

Who would win if Marvel and DC got in a fight?

Batman vs. Ironman

Next up is Batman versus Ironman. Both are geniuses but have no other natural superpower and depend on technology to even the playing field. They are practical, rich, have battled gods, and give their all to get things done. In a battle of wits, we would pick Batman. Bruce Wayne’s taciturn nature gives him the ability to make fewer mistakes or spur of the moment decisions than Tony Stark. But in a battle of strength, we think Ironman would take the prize. In an all out battle, this round goes to Ironman.

Red Hood vs. The Punisher

As the deciding match-up, let’s look at two anti-heroes: Red Hood and The Punisher, who both have the same skill set. Frank Castle, a.k.a. the Punisher, is a highly trained soldier who has no grouse killing off criminals. He is a master at hand-to-hand combat and marksmanship, and is highly tactical, bringing a lot of ammo to a fight. Pan the camera over to Jason Todd, aka Red Hood, a former member of the Batman family. He was trained by Batman himself and is a master of the martial arts, vicious, uncompromising, agile, and tactical. Such a battle as this, between two men who do not know how to back down, would be one for the ages.

Who would win if Marvel and DC got in a fight?

Once they run out of ammo, the next thing is a hand-to-hand battle. An explosion of moves and all forms of martial arts. Todd has his agility and technique going for him, but Castle is taller and has a very high pain tolerance. In addition, Castle is a better melee fighter and could just bring his higher strength to bear in such an encounter. For me, both combatants will walk away from this fight feeling like they had been run over by a truck, or perhaps neither would walk away from it.