What’s the actual difference between the newer iPhones

Let’s be honest. It seems to be that as soon as the joy of showing off your brand new iPhone is just starting to dwindle, then bam, the next model is announced. And of course, with Apple’s hefty price tags, it’s hard to keep on top of the latest models.

The ever-expanding capabilities of apps and phone technology seem to be creating more and more functional uses for the mobile – TV, personal chef, personal assistant, bank, to name a few. And with the phone becoming more and more of your helpful best friend that you just can’t put down, then it’s good to know what you’re really getting for your money to ensure the investment is the right choice.

The latest and greatest iPhones to grace the shelves include a range of different upgraded versions to the iPhone X released way back in November 2017. Since, Apple has released three different additional specifications of the iPhone X – iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, and iPhone XR. Here we look into what the actual differences are between the three latest iPhone X models. We want to get to the nitty-gritty, simplifying what each model does or doesn’t have, or can and can’t do:

iPhone XS

“The upgrade version one.”

The iPhone XS is the standard upgrade to the iPhone X model. Basically, it’s the latest of what Apple has to offer but in the same aesthetic and size as the OG X. As the smallest iPhone out of these three, it’s mostly been improved on for its internal software – including an OLED panel for advancements in video and images display, and 120Hz touch sensing for a smoother and faster responsive touch. This is for you if you’re simply looking for the best standard iPhone out there that can fit in your pocket.

Colors Available: Silver, space gray and gold
Screen Size: 5.8-inch
Design: All-glass and stainless steel

iPhone XS Max

“The biggest one.”

The name pretty much gives this one away. Basically the ‘plus’ version of the iPhone X. This is the big one, with the big screen – the biggest screen from apple ever, actually! Designed for the best visual display for videos and games, Apple has released the XS Max for all the lovers of watching and playing the latest entertainment on the go. Although considerably costlier, this is for you if you have big hands and even bigger pockets – both literally and financially.

Colors Available: Silver, space gray and gold
Screen Size: 6.5-inch
Design: All-glass and stainless steel

iPhone XR

“The cheapest one.”

The XR is this year’s ‘iPhone C.’ Without the HDR display, its screen won’t seem as bright and dazzling, but on the plus side, you do get an additional 1.5 hours of battery life. It’s available in six different colors, and its medium-sized screen comes in between the X and the XS. This is for you if you’re looking to save some money by compromising on a few things, but you still get mostly the same internal functions.

Colors Available: Black, white, blue, coral, yellow and red
Screen Size: 6.1-inch
Design: All-glass and aluminum

Before you get too excited and order your new phone, remember to fully probe into the specs of each model. There may be a few functions you wouldn’t have even thought about that could really come in handy with day to day life. Other than that, happy shopping!