The weirdest things Transformers changed into

The Transformers franchise is the most successful media franchise that started as a toy for young children and later won the hearts of people of all ages.

Unlike other franchises, especially science fiction franchises, Transformers originated from toys, and it still remains the core of the Transformers brand, its original reason for being. Debuted in 1984 by Hasbro Company, Transformers caught attention quickly. Even though Hasbro was not the first to make transformable toys, they was confident that they were the best. While previous toys like go-bots featured simplistic transformations, Hasbro engineering was a little more intricate, using the transforming gimmicks not just for fun but as a challenge for a young problem solving minds. Now, Hasbro and Japanese toy company Takara Tomy design and produce these toys.

The most fundamental feature of most Transformer toys is their transformation. Nearly every toy marketed as a Transformer can change from one form to another, and some of them are pretty weird. There are different types of transformations, like high-speed transformation, multiple alternate modes, adaptable bodies, transformation cogs, and more. Here are some of the weirdest things that Transformers changed into.

The weirdest things Transformers changed into


From the first generation continuity family, the Weirdwolf is a weird character in itself, just like the name suggests. It likes to talk to itself and only itself. Weirdwolf transforms into a yellowish robotic wolf. Its beast mode tail has a blade on its underside, serving as a weapon in robot mode.


An Autobot from the generation one continuity family, Perceptor is a famous Cybertronian Autobot scientist who seeks knowledge. The weird thing is that he transforms into a microscope that also functions as a telescope.


In the Transformers mythos, Sparkstalker breathes fire. His name is given because he makes sparks when he talks. Being an intelligent cryptologist, he has been seen to break Autobot security firewalls frequently. In his transformed mode, Sparkstalker can roll on a wheel, which fits inside his belly while his rear limbs come up, a bit like Superman flying.


Chainclaw is a Pretender beast from 1988, and is a bit different than the others because he is an animal pretender, not a humanoid one. He is a gray and yellow armored bear, with an energy blaster on his back. He also holds a robot in its shell.


Piranacon is a combiner of the Decepticon family. Assembling with other members of the family, it combines the bodies to form one machine, so they lose identities after transforming or combining.


Snarler is similar to Chainclaw and is known as a selfish character. It is a boar which has a massive figure with shoulder pads and big gun on top. Very weirdly, it transforms into a robotic boar with a front drill, and if the drill is pushed back, it can further transform into a stout humanoid robot with guns in hand.

The weirdest things Transformers changed into


Another Decepticon, Mindwipe is quite a mysterious and shady robot. Forming a robotic bat, his pack-in partner Vorath fits into his chest compartment. It is a strange and hilarious looking after its transformation.


Also known as Cyberjaw or Overbite, Jawbreaker is a Seacon that is a robotic landshark monster with sharp teeth. Its arms and legs are mobile and playable. In cannon mode, it transforms magically into a gorgeous robot.