The weirdest fighting game characters

Fighting games can be a way to brush up on our gaming skills, perfect those combo moves, and even delve into the depths of a growing storyline. However, they have also thrown in some pretty strange characters over the years thanks to the weirdest fighting game characters.

Pac-Man – Street Fighter X

Perhaps you’re scratching your head trying to work out how Pac-Man fits into a fighting game? So are many others. However, Street Fighter X was determined to make people’s dreams they never knew they had come true. Although he tries to take on the strongest characters in the game, it seems as though Pac-Man and his mechanical punches were never too much of a threat toward other players.

Phoenix Wright – Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Teaming Marvel characters with defense attornies battling it out to become victorious in court isn’t something we thought we’d see, but this was about to come to life in Marvel Vs Capcom 3. Phoenix Wright soon left the courtroom behind as he battled to take on the likes of Wolverine, and Dr. Strange instead. His powers? Throwing papers, sneezing, and even shooting fingers from the end of his finger. Yes, things really can be that weird on occasion.

Kid Cobra – Arms

Many of the characters on the Nintendo Switch’s new game have been questioned since their release, but Arms seems to take the title as the strangest. The character features elongated cobra arms that can uncoil at the drop of a hat as you battle it out against the other characters. Sure, his arms fit with the title of the game, but his Jason Voorhees dress sense can be a little unsettling when pitted against the other characters to choose from the lineup.


Amingo – Marvel Vs Capcom 2

Not many of us have ever imagined battling for our lives against a giant cactus. However, this is a reality for anyone wanting to take on Amingo in Marvel Vs Capcom 2. As well as being a giant sombrero-wearing cactus, Amingo also has cactus fingers and toes that all pack quite the punch. As if that wasn’t enough, Amingo’s strange appearance was often enough to distract players away from his special moves, including shooting cactus spikes across the screen and rolling up into a giant cactus ball.

Double – Skullgirls

There are weird characters, and then there’s Double. The character is a shapeshifter meaning she can transform into just about anyone she likes in the blink of an eye. That’s not all. Her natural form features several writhing legs and arms that have disturbed many of us over the years. To top it off, Double even has incredible bursts of rage that make her a force to be reckoned with in Skullgirls.

Some fighting games are remembered for their incredible special moves and combo runs that can see us crowned victorious in some of the most impressive ways. However, others have made a name for themselves thanks to creating the weirdest fighting game characters of all time.