Ways that spiders are creepily clever

If you’re anything like us, you’ll agree that spiders are the most terrifying things on the planet. But, if there is one thing out there scarier than spiders, it’s clever spiders! Imagining those hairy legs and beady eyes scheming up the best way of biting you, or, at the very least, scaring you, doesn’t bare thinking about! So, with that in mind, you might want to sit down for what we are about to tell you.

Spiders are smart! There, we said it! We already know that they can build really intricate webs, and poison their prey, but, you might be surprised by what else they are capable of as well. While we’re unlikely to see any spiders making breakthroughs in nuclear physics anytime soon, they do have an impressive intelligence about them. These are some of the terrifying ways in which spiders are creepily clever.

Ways that spiders are creepily clever

They have a spider sense

You know how Spider-Man always says that his spider sense is tingling? We bet you thought they just made that up for the comic books, right? Wrong! Spiders do actually possess what’s known as a spider sense. For example, jumping spiders cannot spin webs, but they do have excellent eyesight and hearing to make up for it. We often believed that spiders can’t hear because they have no ears, but actually, they use the hairs on their legs to hear, in much the same way bats use sound.

Webs are like musical instruments

One of the most incredible things spiders can produce is their web. But, check this out, the web is actually tuned, much like the strings on a guitar. This is pretty impressive considering spiders have no ears! The actually tune the different strands of the web, so they are able to detect certain vibrations. This helps to make them better hunters, as well as allowing them to maintain the web and fix any structural problems with it.

They use nets

As well as creating webs, spiders can also use their gossamer to create and use nets. These are almost akin to portable webs, and the spiders use them to trap prey when they are on the move. For instance, the Deinopis, also known as the net-casting spider, will use a silk trap to snare its prey. It makes a mark on the ground, the hovers over it with a trap ready spun. When an unsuspecting creature wanders onto the target area, it drops down and catches it in the net.

Ways that spiders are creepily clever

They can camouflage

When spiders are young and more defenseless, and even sometimes when they are older, they have to evade predators. Now, some spiders have come up with a cunning way of achieving this, by camouflaging themselves. One species, in particular, the orb weaver spider, manages to disguise itself by looking like bird poop!

As you can see, spiders are actually pretty smart. Like, they are pretty creepily smart as well. This is something that you probably don’t want to hear, but, at least the more you know about spiders, the better you can hide from them! No matter how much good spiders do, some of us will always hate and fear them – especially now we know they’re clever!