Vintage PC games we still play today

Old is gold, and that’s more than evident in the fact that even with all the awesome graphics and immersive gameplay that modern games have to offer, old PC games still have a lot of appeal. The greatest of these vintage games are timeless and will not only transport you back to the past, but also leave with you with a feeling that somehow, everything was better back then. Some of these classics continue to be updated, and those that are still played today include:


One of the oldies that have received updates, StarCraft is one of the original games in the real-time strategy genre. In fact, many impressive modern games have borrowed a leaf of two from StraCraft’s factions, strategies and other aspects. Blizzard gave the game a graphical overhaul that made it even better by updating outdated aspects and fixing bugs. It also made the original version of StarCraft free to anyone, along with Brood War, its expansion.



Thief is still worth playing today because, well, it still makes you feel just fine sneaking around, thanks to its environment and soundtrack that fits a stealth game. It was one of the very first stealth games with a varied setting that involved combat and several ways to move through each level.

Theme Hospital

Theme hospital has a sense of humor that makes it hard to ever really go out of commission. Right from the outrageous fictitious ailments like Hairyitis and Bloaty Head to the critical receptionists, it’s still very much funny today. Theme Hospital allows you to take control of hospitals and go against other healthcare facilities in the locale. You’ll make your profit while dealing with targets that need to be met, emergencies, inspections, earthquakes and sickness outbreaks. Theme Hospital remains in a league of its own, but Two Point Hospital is a somewhat modern version of the game.

System Shock 2

System Shock 2 was a psychologically horrifying game that left a lasting impression on you. Getting hounded by a bloodthirsty AI mutant who’s eventually going to batter you in the head with a wrench aboard a spaceship was somehow unsettling, leaving you with a feeling of technophobia.


Half-Life brought a new experience to the PC gaming world in 1998 with a convincing fictional world and a storytelling that set new standards. The narrative never strayed from the first-person perspective, and the transitions between the levels were seamless, making Half-Life one of the best games ever.


X-COM: Ufo Defense

When it comes to strategy games, X-COM: Ufo Defense is one of the very best to ever have been produced. In this game, players are tasked with defending earth from an alien invasion. Players have a team of X-COM soldiers for combat, and are supposed to make strategic decisions that will enable them to combat the aliens. Like any great game, it was quickly followed by sequels and spin-offs, and even inspired creation of other great games such as Fallout. In 2012,it was remade as XCOM: Enemy Unknown which contains even more brilliant gameplay.