Most useful websites on the internet

Not all websites are created equal and there are literally millions of sites out there. Each one with its own name and purpose, hoping to impart some valuable information to its readers. Unfortunately, though, many of them are just downright terrible and nobody relishes at the thought of going through a few hundred sites before finding a real gem. Well, we have done the research and come up with a list of sites that we think are the most useful websites on the internet.

Most useful websites on the internet


The home of explanatory journalism is This one of a kind news site takes pride in its ability to explain the news so that just about anyone can understand the complexities of what’s going on. They use pictures, videos, graphs, and more to get the point across. With it being an independent site, we are guaranteed to receive accurate, true, and unbiased news from Vox.


The most helpful website of the 21st century is Lifehacker. The site is dedicated to life improvement in just about every area. They provide articles that help us to solve some of life’s greatest daily problems, as well as just making things easier and more organized in general.

How Stuff Works

As the name suggests, How Stuff Works is a site dedicated to precisely that. There are thousands of articles on this site that beautifully explain the topics in epic detail so that anyone can understand it. The site is well set out and the menu bar makes it really easy to find articles relating to specific genres. They cover a wide spectrum of topics from health to personal care to technology, lifestyle, culture, cars, and everything in between.


Thinking of moving? Whether it’s around the corner or to the other side of the country, Homefair is an essential tool to use. The site helps its users to plan ahead of time for the costs and time involved in all areas of a move. From the trip itself to mortgage calculators and a whole lot more. Want to know what the earning potential is for specific qualifications in specific areas? Homefair can help with that too.

Most useful websites on the internet


Taking notes, minutes of meetings, reminders, diary entries, and tasks to do can all be done on this superb organizing platform. Not only that, but it will also sync the information to all the devices that the account is registered with. Still not enough? How about sharing items with other users as well? Evernote is a great tool for individuals who need to keep organized and for teams who need to stay on top of the game.



TinEye are the experts in neural networks, computer vision, machine learning, and pattern recognition. They use the latest reverse image search and recognition technology. Simply paste an image into the website and sit back while the site’s algorithms do what they do best. The site will give out a list of all the websites that contain that specific image. So it’s a great way to track any copyright images and see who is using them.

The internet has been available to the public for 28 years. In such a short period of time, it has come so far. It is essentially still in its infancy. Just imagine what websites and technology will be available to us in the next 28 years.


We can often find ourselves plagued by websites that want us to create new logins. If you don’t want to share your email, but you still want to access the site, then you might want to check out BugMeNot. The site has communal logins that are shared amongst people from all over the world. Thankfully, BugMeNot now has logins for thousands of websites. Your email inbox should soon be a lot clearer.

Most useful websites on the internet


Many of us love to learn new things every day. However, it can be tough to know whether something is true or someone is trying to pull the wool over our eyes. That’s where Snopes steps in. The site has all the answers we could need to find out if those rumors, myths, and folklore are really true. You can search for a specific topic or browse through the site to learn about things that you may have never heard before.


Some of us spend days waiting by the door and refreshing our emails just to see when our parcel will finally arrive. You no longer have to worry with Bohok. The site can track pretty much any package using Google Maps. All you need is your tracking number from Airborne, DHL, FedEx, UPS, or USPS to start. Simply type in the number, and you should soon be greeted with an answer.


Let’s face it; there are times in our lives when we need to send someone a not, but we need to make sure there’s no trace of it leftover. Privnote means that we can send messages that self destruct. No, your computer won’t suddenly burst into flames. The site lets users write a note before they send the link to whoever needs to read their message. The note then deletes itself as soon as it’s been read.