Most underrated video games of all time

The video game industry is massive. Every year, game developers put out millions of titles, which is generally a good thing because you have a wide variety of options to choose from. However, it can also mean that it’s hard to keep track of every game, so you might miss out on some good games.

Some games get all the attention, primarily due to marketing hype, while others simply go unnoticed, as they are overshadowed by the noise generated by other games. So, we’ve made a list of a handful of games that are highly underrated and deserve some attention.

Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars Battlefront came out in 2015 and was one of those games that lacked a single-player campaign mode. Needless to say, this was upsetting to a few camps, including the game’s own developers and publishers (EA Sports).

However, despite this critical failure, it became a commercial success in no time, selling 14 million copies. So, the game made a profit, which is kind of the only thing that matters. Of course, the success was the result of fantastic gameplay and great graphics. Though a sequel came out in 2017, it failed to live up to the original.

Alpha Protocol

When Alpha Protocol came out, everybody was under the impression that this would be one of those brilliant FPS games. However, expectations were soon destroyed, primarily due to marketing hype. The promoters just got it all wrong. Alpha Protocol is clearly not your typical RPG-shooter combo.However, it is a game with top-notch narrative. Think of it as an espionage/spy novel in video game form. So, as long as you go in with that mindset, you will enjoy this game. But, if you’re expecting action, Alpha Protocol isn’t for you.

More importantly, Alpha Protocol is a lesson for gaming marketers – promote your game’s strengths instead of focusing on what’s cool in the gaming industry at the time.

Midnight Club LA

Rockstar’s Midnight Club LA is a very different animal compared to Need for Speed. However, it simply could not beat Need for Speed. That games series had already gained oodles of traction to keep it going for a lifetime. Even so, we suggest you don’t miss out on Midnight Club LA. It strikes the perfect balance between car customization, car culture, and of course, racing. You’ll never get bored because there’s always some fresh element in there to keep you going. Also, thanks to the RAGE engine, the game boasted a stunning cityscape and weather effects that allowed for real-time racing strategies.

Darkness Within

While this game scared many players all across the globe due to his Cthulhu influences, most people did not pay attention to the gaming quality of the game, which was superb. Today, more and more gamers are discovering this gem, and we hope it will inspire more people to join the horror genre of gaming.

Every serious gamer will tell you about several video game titles that he believes are seriously underrated. Although we could not write them all, we hope that these video games.