The most underrated smartphones on the market

When it comes to buying a cell phone, there’s so much choice compared to just ten years ago. The market has expanded incredibly, and every year we’re gifted with dozens of new smartphones from all the biggest developers. Of course, with so many being released all the time, it’s easy for some of them to fall under the radar. These phones might be just as capable as their popular counterparts, but they’ve just become lost in the crowd.

Sony Xperia XZ Premium

When this smartphone was released, it was expected to sell well. Why wouldn’t it? The cell phone could easily compete with big releases from other giants like Apple. It has a 4K display, can record in slow motion at 960 FPS, and has all the modern hardware of other recent releases. So why is it so underrated? Sony didn’t put enough thought into when to bring their new phone out. Released too soon after models like the Samsung Galaxy S8, the Sony Xperia XZ Premium was in too crowded a marketplace. It’s a shame, seeing as it boasts these unique features that are a great addition to anyone’s smartphone.

Essential Phone

When the Essential Phone came onto the market, it didn’t receive a great deal of mainstream coverage. Initial interest in the smartphone was big, because it came from the mind of Andy Rubin. However, after its camera feature received negative reviews, people forgot that the phone existed. The majority of the problems have since been fixed with software updates, but very few have remembered that this phone is still available to buy. With a hefty 128 GB of storage, a strong processor, and almost bezel-free screen, the Essential Phone is actually an amazing purchase.

Honor 7X

The Honor 7X had everything going for it when it debuted at the end of 2017. Alongside a great price, it had the benefit of knowing the big trends of the year which it could adapt to before going on sale. However, what the smartphone didn’t have was a name that everyone knew. Most people in search of a new cell phone will buy something they’re familiar with, like an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy product. A name can sell, even if it’s not necessarily the best product on the market. While the Honor 7X may be a great phone with dual-camera and an 18:9 aspect ratio, people aren’t familiar with the brand. It’s unfortunate considering the phone only costs $200, and you certainly get more than your money’s worth from this smartphone.

BlackBerry KeyOne

Few smartphones on the market have quite a unique look as BlackBerry’s products. The phones, which often come with a physical keyboard, make a nice change from all the other slim, flat smartphones that are around right now. The KeyOne is no different, and it’s look is a breath of fresh air in such a crowded marketplace. However, being different doesn’t always mean you’re going to stand out. Despite having an incomparable battery life, stunning camera, and strong construction, the phone has failed to make an impact compared to its competitors. Maybe if they lower the price tag with their next release, BlackBerry might have more of a winner on their hands.

It’s hard to know which phone is the best for you. Sometimes there is such a thing as too much choice, and when most smartphones offer similar benefits, picking one isn’t easy. If you want a great phone that will set you apart from everyone else, though, buying one of these is definitely the way to go.