Underrated characters in The Big Bang Theory

A phenomenal series like The Big Bang Theory only comes around a few times in a lifetime. The nerdy but utterly hilarious scientists combined with the regular Joe’s who just don’t get quantum physics is the perfect harmony of everyday society. While most are familiar with the antics of Lenoard, Howard, Raj, Sheldon, Penny, Amy, and Bernadett, there are a few supporting characters that deserve recognition for tying the entire storyline together. Today we are giving credit to those underrated characters of The Big Bang Theory.

Bert Kibbler

There is no one quite like Bert. He loves rocks and minerals more than most and seems to attract the worst kind of luck with the ladies. Bert is a geologist at the University of California and despite his size, he is the gentle giant that brings a smile to our faces in every episode he features in. Bert has a crush on Amy, but of course, Sheldon ultimately holds the gold to Amy’s heart. We can’t help but wonder what would’ve happened if Amy had returned Bert’s affections.

Underrated characters in The Big Bang Theory


We do not know much about Kurt except that he is the guy we love to dislike. Kurt doesn’t have a very big role in the Big Bang, but his presence is extremely valuable to the story and Penny’s development throughout the show. Being the muscular airhead that he is, Leonard and Sheldon are usually the targets for Kurt’s mean spirited jokes. However, as time goes by, Penny realizes that love is more than just looks and it is Kurt’s behavior that ultimately drives Penny into the arms of Leonard.

Missy Cooper

While Missy and Sheldon are twins, they couldn’t be more different. Sheldon, who is affectionately referred to as “Shelly” by Missy is the black sheep of the family. This is clearly represented by the stark contrast between Sheldon and Missy’s demeanor. She is warm, outgoing, independent, and capable of holding a conversation. Missy doesn’t make very many appearances during the show but Sheldon refers to her multiple times in conversation. Missy may have playfully bullied Sheldon during his childhood, but it is very clear to see that the two share a special bond despite their differences.

Underrated characters in The Big Bang Theory


The Big Bang Theory is not just about science, atoms, and quantum physics, it is also about every day trials and tribulations. The storyline touches on topics such as romance, loss, dysfunctional relationships, and social anxiety. Lucy, who is one of Raj’s love interests is the perfect depiction of what social anxiety looks like. Both Raj and Lucy share similar behavior patterns, which ultimately leads to a romantic connection. Lucy has the tendency to sneak away through bathroom windows during her dates, and Raj is able to empathize and understand the reasons behind her actions. Unfortunately, social anxiety also leads to the demise of their relationship when Lucy starts to feel uncomfortable with Raj pressuring her to step out of her comfort zone. It was sad to see Lucy go, but in the end, it helped Raj slowly overcome his own fears of society.

Thanks to the supporting actors and main protagonists, The Big Bang Theory is a masterpiece that hones in on different topics and real-life situations. The show teaches us that no matter where you come from or what your likes and dislikes are, everyone is worthy of love and friendship.