The unanswered questions from The Last Jedi

Despite first launching in 1977, the Star Wars franchise is still thriving today. Now onto its third trilogy of films, the series is more popular than ever before. However, despite the sequel trilogy having mass appeal with fans, no movie is perfect. Some viewers were upset with the most recent release – The Last Jedi – for a variety of reasons, and they made sure to voice their complaints.

Who is Snoke?

One of the characters that excited people in The Force Awakens was Snoke. After appearing in the previous film, fans were sure that there was more to the character than meets the eye. Suspicious of his intentions, they believed him to be a character from a past film that had returned to life. It would have been an exciting reveal, but fans worked themselves up too much over it. While it’s great to be so invested in a series that you develop theories on it, they can prove to be your downfall. When no reveal came in The Last Jedi, and Snoke was quickly killed off, viewers felt betrayed.

The unanswered questions from The Last Jedi

What about Rey?

Talking about theories, there’s one character who fans have been working overtime to try and identify – Rey. Before The Last Jedi, viewers believed there was something special about her ancestry. With two years between each major film release, they had plenty of time to concoct their theories about her origins. Unfortunately, it was all a waste of time. It turns out that her parents were just two random junk traders with no connection to characters of the past whatsoever. All this theorizing will be the death of Star Wars fans.

A pointless moment

If there was anything in The Last Jedi that fans considered pointless, it was the stuff in Canto Bight. Little action happens here, despite the sequence being drawn out for a surprisingly long time. Director Rian Johnson seems to have been more invested in creating a fleshed out world rather than putting more emphasis on the plot. While it’s great to have an environment feel as authentic as possible, people paying to sit for two and a half hours at the movies need action to keep them invested.

What’s so funny?

Star Wars has always had humor, but it’s never been a core element of the franchise. However, The Last Jedi attempts to be funnier than its predecessors by inserting humor where fans don’t want it. The risk of using different directors for the same series means that decisions are made that might contradict the original vision. That’s what’s happened here. Fans want Star Wars to make them laugh when the time is right, but they’re not looking for comedy. The Last Jedi had one too many jokes, and diehard fans felt it ruined some of the essential drama of the film.

The unanswered questions from The Last Jedi

Saying goodbye

It’s common knowledge amongst Star Wars fans that before the release of The Last Jedi, iconic actress Carrie Fisher passed away. Fortunately, her scenes as Leia were all filmed before this happened, and as such her appearance in the movie wasn’t affected in any way. However, there was one moment in The Last Jedi that fans felt was too meta for its own good. We’re talking about when Leia is thrown out into space. The camera lingers on her floating outside the Resistance flagship, and for a moment the character appears to be dead. Considering the sad loss of Carrie Fisher, this scene pulled viewers out of the film and felt impactful in a way that had nothing to do with the film. There’s a time and a place to commemorate someone’s death – this was not it.

The Last Jedi is by no means a disappointing film. In fact, it’s hailed by many viewers and critics as one of the best. However, some issues people can’t ignore. That’s what’s you get when you have such dedicated fans.