Try these if you need to cook, but you don’t really like it

We all have that friend who hates cooking. Or maybe you are that friend? Cooking surely is not for everyone, but it can be rather problematic to never cook and constantly eat at restaurants since it can get pretty costly and is not the healthiest option.  So what do you do if you want to eat well but you hate cooking? Here are 6 easy ways to cook for people who hate cooking.

Make it simple

If you hate cooking, then there’s no reason to try making a fancy and complicated three-course meal. But even the laziest of cooks can make simple items when in dire need.  So if you’re hungry in the middle of the night and every restaurant is closed, or your bank account is already in minus, then perhaps try making something such as salad, a sandwich or pasta. These super simple items take only a matter of minutes to put together, do not require a recipe, and will make you feel good that you created them yourself in your kitchen.

Try these if you need to cook, but you don’t really like it

Buy quality ingredients

If you do want to try making a meal but don’t really want to put all that much effort into it, then try using high-quality ingredients. It really can make a big difference in your meal. Quality food naturally has a better taste, and therefore you won’t need to spend time trying to make something good. Even a quality ingredient such as olive oil, if you are short on money and time, can go a long way in your meal.

Cook in batches

Cooking in batches. The ultimate solution for people who hate cooking. Get it all done at once.  It, of course, does require some time to invest, however you can prepare multiple portions in the same time that you would have spent on one portion.  You can freeze the rest of the portions, and then whenever you want a home cooked meal all you have to do it reheat it. An hour or two can provide you with food for the whole week.

Try these if you need to cook, but you don’t really like it

Share the work

If your roommate likes cooking, then you’re set. Sharing meals is a great solution for people who hate cooking. Taking turns to prepare meals gives you break on certain days, and washing the dishes is not all that bad.  Perhaps you could even organize an agreement with your roommate that you do the shopping and cleaning, and they do the cleaning. Did we hear personal chef?

Find the right sous-chef

What better way to break out of your hate for cooking than finding the right person to cook with.  They do not have to be a professional chef, but they just have to enjoy cooking more than you do, which probably will not be very hard to find if you actually hate cooking that much. They can teach you more about their passion for cooking and how enjoyable it can really be.