Top 5 best smartphones ranked

Nowadays, it can often feel as though our phones are part of our identity. After all, many of us spend many hours of the day staring at the addition, and leaving home without it can make it feel as though we’re missing a limb. So what about if we want the best on the market? Have no fear; here are the top five best smartphones.

Honor View 20

As well as having incredible storage options and level of RAM, there is a lot more to this phone than meets the eye. The Honor View 20 is an affordable smartphone for many compared to the majority of its competitors. The phone doesn’t come with a fingerprint reader or wireless charging, but the Honor View 20 can still keep up with many other models on the market thanks to its front and rear-facing cameras teamed with its impressive battery life.

Honor View 20

Google Pixel 3

The cameras featured on Google Pixel 3 are what helps this phone to stand out above the rest. It seems as though we can do just about anything with the new model as it features super-wide front-facing cameras that help us get everyone into the shot, as well as a zoom like no other, and a low-lighting photo shooting mode that means we can take pictures at all times of the day. To top it off, the Pixel 3 also features wireless charging and upgraded processors.

Apple iPhone XS

This phone once held the title of being the best phone in the world. However, the iPhone XS will have to fight harder to beat out the rest of the competition. It’s considered to be the best phone for running the latest version of iOS, meaning users get the most from their smartphone. The XS also comes with portrait mode and lighting for all the budding photographers out there as well as an impressive processor, face ID, and a screen that’s perfect for watching videos.

Huawei P30 Pro

One of the biggest appeals of the Huawei P30 Pro is the large battery. In fact, it’s thought to be one of the longest lasting batteries of any smartphone on the market. The zoom on the camera beats most others on the market while the low-light shots make it perfect for people on the go who want to document their day. Sadly, the software can sometimes be a little buggy or lacking, meaning this phone just missed out on the top spot of the best smartphone.

Huawei P30 Pro

Samsung Galaxy S10

It looks as though cameras have been a central talking point for many phone developers – and the Samsung Galaxy S10 is no exception, this smartphone has the ability to capture ultra-wide shots as well as Live Focus photos. The user interface has been designed with all of our needs in mind as the S10 features all the elements that we need to use in the lower third of the screen meaning they’re always in use – even for the one-handed phone user on the commute to work. Perhaps that’s why the Samsung Galaxy S10 is now considered to be the best smartphone?

With so many smartphones on the market, it looks as though developers are now doing all they can to make sure they stay ahead of the game with their models. The top five best smartphones all come with a host of unique features as they battle it out to take the top spot.