Top 5 apps for dog owners

Our dogs can be our entire lives, but what if we told you there could be a way to make their lives better through technology? Thankfully, there are a number of apps we can use to help put a wag in their tail. These are the top five apps for dog owners.


While we might know how to get to our favorite restaurant like the back of our hand, we might not remember the essentials for our dog – especially if we have headed out of town with our pooch. Have no fear; Petlas has you covered. The app features a map filled with everything from dog-friendly locations to vets and everything in between. Plus, users can also add their own places to the map meaning the list of venues is always growing.

Top 5 apps for dog owners

Pet First Aid by American Red Cross

While we might not like to think of our dog in a dangerous situation, it could be even worse to find ourselves completely clueless when they need us the most. Thankfully, the American Red Cross has created an app with everything we might need. The app is filled with the closest emergency vet centers for our pet, but that’s not all. There are also instructions on how to perform a host of medical treatments that come complete with how-to clips.

Dog Buddy

Just like us owners, our dogs can benefit from tracking their health. You might not need to add up their daily calorie count or add on those reps at the gym, but Dog Buddy is a helpful app that could keep all the essential information in one place. Here, you can track your four-legged friend’s weight, add in their medications and vaccination dates, and even note down any allergies. This is perfect in an emergency or when away from home.

All Trails

This app is perfect for anyone that loves to get up and active with their pooch. All Trails comes with thousands of dog hikes that have been photographed and reviewed by fellow owners. You can filter your searches, and even add favorite trails to save for later. As if that wasn’t enough, All Trails also offers up directions for anyone that needs to drive making heading out for a walk easier than ever before.

Top 5 apps for dog owners

Animal Poison by ASPCA

Although we try to make our homes as safe as possible for our four-legged friends, it seems that accidents can happen to even the most vigilant of owners. Thankfully, Animal Poison is there to help us out of a hole. The app comes filled with more than 300 hazards that can be found all around the home, including natural toxins and medication. Plus, the app tells owners precisely what they need to do to help their dog in an emergency.

Being a pet owner no longer has to be as tough as we once thought. In fact, we might now have even more of an excuse to head to our phones that doesn’t involve taking 100 snaps of our pets. We could be about to make their lives one step better.