Things you didn’t know about Comic-Con

Comic-Con is basically a heaven for comic book and superhero fans. The San Diego Comic-Con convention has provided comic book fans a place where they can meet and learn more about their favorite superheroes. Comic-con is a multigenre entertainment and comic book convention which is held in San Diego. Founded by Shel Dorf,  Richard Alf, Ken Krueger, and Mike Towry, it is a four-day event held annually every summer. There are many other conventions around the country and around the world, but Comic-Con is still one of the most popular. Here are the five things you probably didn’t know about Comic-Con.

Things you didn’t know about Comic-Con

It is not all about comics

Surprisingly, Comic-Con is not only about comics. At recent Comic-Con conventions, they have focused on other things as well, including movies, TV shows, and world events. The Comic-Con event has increased their variety by adding new elements to the convention.

It was expanded into even more conventions

After several successful conventions, Comic-Con was expanded into two more similar conventions, which were named The Wonderful World Of Comic Conventions (Wondercon) in San Francisco and The Alternative Press Expo in San Jose. Later, Wondercon was relocated to Anaheim convention center, giving it a new name.

Tickets sold out in an hour

In 2016, Comic-Con sold all 130,000 tickets to the convention, leaving no ticket behind. Due to this, Comic-Con is known as the leading convention of its kind. Everyone was surprised by the hike in the ticket sales and the popularity of this comic convention. It’s the nerd capital of the world, so if you want to make it you’ll have to be prepared beforehand.

Comic-Con cosplay

Money was stolen from receipts

Even at this great event, someone managed to steal a large amount of money from Comic-Con receipts. No one had any idea who was behind the theft, and the producers of Comic-Con had to ask their guests for donations to clear the debt they faced due to the incident. There were several other incidents where things were reportedly stolen – one vendor reported $85,000 worth of comics stolen during the event.

A stormtrooper walked 600 miles to attend

Don’t worry – it wasn’t a real stormtrooper. A man dressed as a stormtrooper walked 600 miles to honor his late wife at Comic-Con. He had met her when he was in his 50’s and they fell in love. The two were huge Star Wars fans, so he proposed her in true Star Wars style. But unfortunately, she passed within a year of their marriage. So, He decided to honor her by walking all the way to Comic-Con from San-Francisco.

Comic-con is surely an event that no geek would like to miss. if you have not been in one, what are you waiting for?