Things that the ancients did better than us

It’s easy to look at our society now and think we’ve aced it. There is so much in the world we can be proud of, right? We’ve mastered technology, traveled the globe, and invented the iPhone. In fact, be must be in the best position we’ve ever been in, right? Well, this is possibly true, but it’s also subjective and depends on your point of view. The fact of the matter is that we can learn an awful lot from history, and we need to.

In fact, looking back through history, you might be surprised at just how advanced many ancients were, and how well they were able to do things. Just because we are the current crop of humans to walk the Earth, it doesn’t automatically make us the best at everything. Here are some of the amazing accomplishments that the ancients were able to do better than us.


Yes, believe it or not, concrete was actually better made in ancient time. While the concrete we have today is designed to last about 100 years, the Romans used concrete to build their structures over 2,000 years ago – structures that still exist today. Now, this could be put down to the ‘light bulb theory’ that modern stuff is designed to only last a finite amount of time. Or it could be down to the fact that the Romans were much better at making concrete than we are.

Things that the ancients did better than us


Roads play such an integral part in society that we would struggle to get anywhere without them. These days it can take years to get a good road built, so why did the ancients manage it so quickly? Recognizing the importance of roads for travel and trade, many ancient Empires used road networks. The Incas created and used the Main Andean Road, which ran 30,000 km in length, and the Romans were also known as master road builders. We could learn a thing or two from their quality and efficiency.


It’s amazing how far ahead of their time many ancient civilizations were with things like agriculture. For instance, the Aztecs and their floating gardens across the Valley of Mexico are considered to be some of the first examples of large-scale farming and agriculture. These floating gardens saw the Aztecs cordon off rectangular enclosures in the marsh bed and filling them with mud and vegetation, so the bed would be above water level. These would be used to produce good harvest and helped supply food for the empire.

Things that the ancients did better than us

These are just a few of the things that the ancients did incredibly well, and put us to shame with. It’s amazing how many things a lot of these civilizations were able to do exceptionally well without the knowledge and technologies we have at our disposal these days. They were operating with very rudimentary tools and ideas, and this is what makes their achievements all the more remarkable. We can, and should, look back at the way many of the ancients were able to do things, and what it was that made them so successful and impressive, even without the same resources we have.